Sunday, May 25, 2008

A productive day.

Even if my head IS full of snot.

Got all the dye projects done for the impending Knitty article... now I just have to write the thing. Here's a teaser:

Incidentally, I don't suggest dyeing anything when you've got a bad head cold; I had blue and yellow dye on my hands today, blew my nose, and for a second, I thought my brain was rotting out. (Sure feels like it.)

While in the midst of all the color and chaos, I wandered through the house to get a soda, and noticed THIS in the bedroom:

Somehow I don't think I can blame Sekhmet for that one. (It is officially summer here; the husbeast has taken the doors and windows out of the Jeep.)

My latest brainwave for my mother-in-law's Christmas present is one of these Herbert Niebling doilies, knit with larger needles and black silk/alpaca and some beads, as a shawl/wrap. Yes. Another idea to kick around. I tell myself I've got to make a decision on this, but with the way I keep pushing back the Christmas knitting projects to knit doilies, scarves, sweaters, and the odd nuclear reactor, how urgent is it, really? (If I wind up knitting a 300 round doily in three weeks, the husbeast will gladly buy a plane ticket so one of you can come here and smack me in the head and yell "YOU DUMBASS.")

Really should get to that swatching. Really.

I've got all this block-print stuff laying here to play with, though.


Bells said...

More purple trainwreck!

I'll take that ticket. Gladly. :-)

Roxie said...

And the husbeast has the jeep's doors in the bedroom so that, if it gets too hot to sleep, he can roll down the window and cool off, right?

I'll get in line for that ticket. And then I want to conga with the goober.

Alwen said...

Gosh, I can't wait to see your knitted nuclear reactor!

I mowed the grass and the quarter-mile path with the push mower yesterday. My wrists are probably wrecked for knitting today.

Amy Lane said...

oooohhhh... that black/silk/alpaca beaded doily shawl has me all aflutter. (#$%jeep! That would kill me!)

Donna Lee said...

I saw the Neibling patterns and they are amazing. I kept looking for one of them to be large enough to be a shawl and wondered how difficult it would be to turn one into a beautiful summer shawl.

Roz said...

hahahaha -- I'm mailing this page to a friend who used to own a white Jeep Wrangler and also took the doors off in the summer so I could hang my legs out on the highway -- good times!

Does the Goober know what color brains are? You should show her the next time you're dyeing wool....