Thursday, May 08, 2008


Crawl under a rock for a few days, and you've got 800 bloglines articles to read.

Anyway, I have a sinus infection, the Goob's having sinus migraines, we're both drugged to the eyeballs, and Sekhmet's been eating my ice cream.

Then it rained blood and the space pirates attacked and a plague of locusts came through and ate all my wool.

Or something.

Sorry. Green snot makes me a bit existentialist.

Finished another 375 yards of the Really Fucking Blue, and it looks like REAL YARN! I think I might be getting the hang of this spinning thing. Soon I'll be starting more Zen Sweater yarn. Yay?

Normal blogging to resume when I can find my brain. Anyone seen it? Pass the chocolate.

Oh, and when I took the Goober to the doctor's this morning, she solemnly announced to every person she saw "I sick." and then did a fake sneeze.


Amy Lane said...

awww... (((hugs))) on the sickness--sinus infections blow. Tell those green people who ate your yarn to stop eating my stray brain cells--I think I've forgotten how to count to twelve without hands! Ladybug's newest word is 'Dis-gust-ing!' used when she sees worms, snot, or dog poop!

Bells said...

Sounds hideous - but fake sneezes are cute! She's an actress as well as everything else!

KnitTech said...

It's a good thing the bridge didn't wash out, otherwise the trip to the doctor's office would have been miserable. Hope you feel better soon.

Roxie said...

Well, thank God for drugs, at least! Poor baby. Cats have super powers. Sekhmet is getting back at the goober in her own psychic feline fashion. Stop hurting the cat, the headache will go asway.

Donna Lee said...

Poor women folk. Sinus issues are the worst. I am a big fan of drugs. "better living through chemicals" (dow chemical slogan). I hope you guys feel better soon.

historicstitcher said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Goob, too. I had a massive migraine last night, and I'm a little fuzzy round the edges today.

I'm also about 4320 posts behind on my reading. Hate that.

But I got the lawn mowed, so I'm not totally slacking. Hey, if my head hurts already, might as well make it hurt bigtime and sit on the mower for 2 hours, right?


Robin said...

Feel better! I'm scared to open Bloglines --- might blow the system if I did --- last time I took a "break" it was up to 1200 something! I need more timmmmmeeee!

Anonymous said...

owwww. my sympathies. no migraines, thankfully, but i've spent lotsa time in sinus hell.

sometimes snuffling saltwater helps. it's gross, but sometimes it de-snots your snoot.

ellen in indy