Friday, May 16, 2008

Sekhmet, you FUCKER.

I have begun the first sleeve of Zen 2. Which leaves Sekhmet free to sleep on the body. Fucker.

The husbeast's been creative in his own way:

He's been welding. (Of COURSE we have a welder. Don't YOU?)

And the Goober says, "Come play in the sand box!"


Amy Lane said...

Only a cat would snuggle into that sweater in May...

Roxie said...

It looks as if she's sleeping on several sweaters at once. Anything worth doing is worth over-doing.

Very nice weld. What kind of rig does he have.

I don't share well in the sandbox.Goober does not want me to play with her. I would have wayyy too much fun with that gizmo!

Anonymous said...

We have a welder at hubby's work and at FIL's house, but I'm sure that didn't surprise you.

The cat looks good with that sweater!

I'd play with the Goob in the sandbox.


Donna Lee said...

Shhh! A welder is one of the tools we don't have. My husband is a galoot (a person who uses hand tools, does that make knitters galoots?) and we have a garage full of hand tools and power tools. He says it's to help keep the testosterone level up in the face of all the estrogen. I'm glad he has a hobby so when we retire one day, he'll have something to do.

Anonymous said...

That's a before shot, and the welder is a Fender Mender 150.