Friday, May 30, 2008

Greetings from the dark side.

The dark side where your child is having nightmares and you've had three hours' sleep (and not all at the same time) in the last 48. I'm juuuuuust a bit punchy right now. Usually in this zoned out state, I go off on some rant or other that amuses the hell out of all you readers.

At the moment, all I can think of is, whoever decided to divert food crops to create biofuel for people who drive too much, needs to have a mile of barbed wire shoved up their ass and be forced to drink a gallon of herbicide.

Once a plant freak, always a plant freak.

Oh. And these assholes who keep insisting corn is the way to go, to create biofuel, need drowned in a vat of corn syrup.

Anyway. Started the next zen project, worked on several gauge swatches (that I fucked up because at the moment I can't count to eighty), and got something REALLY COOL in the mail from Historic Stitcher. Tune in tomorrow for details.

And here's some humor for all of you, from the husbeast. I don't know if it's really as funny as I think, or if it's the lack of sleep making it hilarious. Either way.


Bells said...

yes that's as funny as you think it is. At least I think so.

Must be something going around (on different sides of the planet). my nephew disrupted everyone's sleep with nightmares this week. My sister was barely functioning after a few nights of so little sleep.

Anonymous said...

I think its funny too.


Sarah said...

I don't know which annoys me more - the corn lobby pushing biofuel made from corn, or the freaking coal lobby pushing coal as a freaking "alternative source of energy."

Coal? Really? WTF.

MomThatsNuts said...

Hello!! I am a lurker that comes to drool over your knitting projects!! I just taught myself to knit so I am a very your stuff, and the shark picture is TOO MUCH..LOL


Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny; my husband thought it was hilarious.

Donna Lee said...

It's not you! They're great. And I'm with you on the biofuel thing. When (more) people are starving because the food is being diverted to put into cars, something is wrong. Only a mile of barbed wire? Maybe more.

Anonymous said...

That husbeast! He's funny, def.

Hugs on the nightmares! Poor Goober and mom.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to comment on the corn thing...Ya know, the poor farmers were run out of business eons ago because of the freaking gov't, and now they want CORN for fuel. Why couldn't they have wanted this ages ago to give Amercian farmers hope and income???

Nevermind the carbon footprints left behind, and fossil fuel used to convert the corn to fuel. And when you take corn, you take food from us and the cows, pigs, other animals, and EVERYTHING becomes more expensive.

I think we all need to get horses again. I'm all for it.

Trish (Again)

Louiz said...

It is funny - or at least I think it is. But then I've had a week of disrupted sleep too (Kathryn has a bed now and can get out of it... and was very unwell last week). Sympathies on the nightmares:(

Roxie said...

Yes, yes, you and the husbeast are freaking funny! The flying tank no doubt has the glide ratio of a rock, but shark gets all its lift from ground effect, so they are well matched.

Hope the goober's bad dreams go away soon. Poor baby.

Amy Lane said...

Love those posters--some bits for the wall! Doesn't 80 come after 72? Ooooohhh... that should explain some of my old projects...

Hope the Goober perks up... the Cave Troll wakes up every other night...we've learned to sleep with him... I mean through it.