Friday, May 02, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

Do something really fucking stupid.

What is this, you ask?

This is more of the wool I used to knit the Zen Sweater I killed last weekend. (For refrence, it is 8 oz each of Colonial Wool multi, one bag blue and one bag teal, from Kendig Cottage. If you need to buy fiber, go to them. They're awesome. Excellent customer service, and really fast shipping.) That's right. I bought more. I don't know if this makes me dedicated, stubborn, or just crazy. But I figure after I'm done with the RFB I'm spinning now (second bobbin done, plying imminent), I'll spin this stuff up, and hopefully that will be enough practice to start on my Christmas projects.

At the moment, my to-be-spun crate looks like this:

And that's not counting the pound of Black Diamond carbon fiber I got today, or the other pound of it on back order. (I'm gonna make the husbeast a bullet proof sweater. Photo and info here; scroll down to the gray stuff.)

Pretty sure I'm crazy. In fact, on further reflection, I know I am. Because last night at the craft store (have I mentioned I should never be allowed anywhere near a craft store, particularly with no clear plan and some spare cash?) I bought myself a beginner Lino-Cut kit (considering the tutorial contains a margarita recipe, well, it should have given me pause). Because I need another hobby. And with my hand problems, any new hobby should REALLY involve sharpened cutting tools. (I sort of hope the husbeast steps in and takes over the cutting part, but since I've never seen him show a microgram of interest in any form of carving, I have a feeling I'm shit out of luck.)

-... -

Today the Goober found my shopping bag from when I went to the book store last night. Inside was the receipt, which she immediately declared was a treasure map. (Only with her lisps, it sounds like 'tweasa ma'.)

Then she filled it with toys, pretended to find it, and told me it was a goodie bag. ("Gooie ba! Mumma! Wook! A gooie ba!")

I'm blogging this so that when she goes on her usual evening whinefest tonight, I can look at this and remember how cute she is.

And now, I must ply. Possibly on the back porch, while the Goober plays in her sand box.


Amy Lane said...

Wow--I LOVE the potential of having that much of something I may work on! And the bullet proof sweater sounds AWESOME... (and non stinky!)

'tweasu' ma', mumma!'--priceless!

Ginger_nut said...

Hate to tell you this, but it is kevlar (generic name aramid) that is bullet proof - not carbon fibre. (One of my housemates just finished a thesis on composite engineering.) Carbon fibre is stronger in tensile strength than steel, but is real brittle stuff and it gets crushed it stays crushed. It may stop the first bullet but not any others. I know lots of random facts 'bout the stuff because I have helped the housemate build vehicles out of the stuff...

But I like the idea of knitting carbon fibre. Shall have to direct the house mate to that site. It would also be a very good insulator (I've help to build carbon fibre fire walls between drivers and fuel tanks, engines etc).