Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not quite what I had in mind.

I didn't expect this handspun to be so... stripey. And we all know how much I love horizontal stripes. Can't really find it in me to care, though. The colors are pretty and it's a relaxing knit and to hell with it. It's practice spinning. (The colors aren't quite right in the photo, either. Some of those stripes that look medium blue are actually a screaming pink-purple.)

Otherwise it's been a slow couple days around here (evidence above; I started knitting this thing on Sunday and it's almost to the arm pits). Slow is good.


Donna Lee said...

Slow is underrated. I finally have enough handspun yarn to knit something with. I don't have enough for a sweater but I was thinking some nice felted coasters might be good. There are lots of overspun parts in there but I think I might be able to work around them.

Roxie said...

Let's turn that curse around. May you live in slow, uninteresting times.

Amy Lane said...

Does it really count as 'stripey' when it's a random yarn pattern...nahh... I don't buy it. (The slow times are the sweetest, sometimes:-)