Thursday, May 01, 2008


I have figured out that one of the reasons I've been so down in the dumps is because I've been laying in bed at night (unable to sleep due to the damn migraines), feeling sorry for myself. So I've begun getting the hell up and doing something to entertain myself. Last night was this:

Second bobbin. I start plying soon. Tonight may be a blog post on some odd food history subject I've been brooding about, or the color white, which I've been half-assedly researching for weeks. I'm going to keep writing articles like the sericulture thing, until I can write personal stuff without whining.

And for a happy moment, here's another photo of the Goober in her short-lived Zen sweater. I love how her smile is so big you can see it through the blur:

Over at Bells Knits, she's casting on for her second Pi blankie, and now I have the urge to knit something similar for my next Zen project. Forget the whole idea of finishing old projects... who cares about goals? It's all about FUN!

And there is a cat face tucked under my sweatshirt and mashed into my arm pit.


Bells said...

I know all about feeling sorry for yourself. Good for you - doing good stuff. Start a pi shawl over the weekend!!!

Amy Lane said...

Is the cat getting high off your deodorant/BO combo? Mine seems to... (He also loves shampoo.)

I've been thinking PI shawl myself... see what you started, bells?

Donna Lee said...

Is the poor kitty cold? My cats have been very affectionate this week as the temps dipped into the 30's at night. The Goober has a wonderful smile. Her whole face lights up.

I have a stash of chick flicks that I watch on the laptop when I can't sleep. The Women being my personal favorite. Gotta love Joan Crawford.

And I was thinking of a Pi blankey as well....

Roxie said...

Ah, whiskers in the armpit. Nothing like it to give you a balanced perspective on your problems. Cats are remarkably effective counselors and therapists.

Yeah, Bells has given me an appetite for Pi also. I'm thinking I might put sleeves in it and make one of those circle sweaters.