Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You guys need to nag more.

Remember last week when I asked if anyone needed directions on how to do the Steeked Jacket shoulder decreases NOW? And no one answered?

Uh huh. Then, today, I'm reading Cindy's Blog, and she says she can't wait until I post the directions so she can work on the Jacket.

Dude. You are supposed to nag. E-mail me daily, going "Are they up yet?" until I get off my duff and you have the directions. Forget polite. Polite is nice, but it won't get you the directions fast. NAG!!!

...anyway, as soon as I click the "publish" button, I'm going to get to work on the graphics for the directions, and hope to have them up by the end of the evening. (For me that's about four hours from now. If all goes well, it's plenty of time. If all does not go well, I will start drinking martinis and the directions will go up tomorrow.) I've been brooding over exactly how I'm going to explain this for MONTHS, so hopefully I will communicate it decently.

IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, NAG!! THIS MEANS YOU! other news, I saw the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie today. Utterly ridiculous. Even for a movie that has squid men as characters. The special effects kicked ass, though.

Right. Graphics. Explanations. On that.


Bells said...

i like to think I've perfected the art of driving you nuts with questions. :-) It's just that i'm behind everyone else.

Teresa said...

See, I think I might make a steeked jacket THIS fall, when all the directions are up already! And seeing your almost-finished product makes me want one for myself even more!

Too bad it's so hot here that even the thought of Lopi makes my hands sweaty.