Wednesday, June 27, 2007


In this case, it's me who is busted, not the kitty cat. The husbeast has caught me leaving the heating pad on for her to snuggle down on. Since she's an indoor cat, and has the baby to deal with, I figure she's got few enough pleasures in life, why not leave the heating pad on?


There was a question about the baby's hair, and where the curl comes from. That would be my fault. There's a reason I grow my hair halfway to my butt; it's the only way it comes close to laying flat. If my hair were as short as the baby's it would stand on end, too. I haven't decided yet if we'll keep the baby's hair short and curly, or let it grow long and (hopefully) more manageable. I can't wait until she's old enough to have an opinion about this stuff.


It appears I may be finishing the body of the Pinwheel Jacket today, meaning I finished it in a week. There's nothing like project monogamy to get something done. Next I'm going to put on the Chinese Edging from the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns from Barbara Walker. Eighteen edging repeats should do the job. (It will probably be sixteen too many for my sanity.)

Unfortunately, the project monogamy won't last much longer; I've got a doily to finish by the beginning of August (that second wedding present), and I have a feeling I'm going to be quite inspired to work on Tut, Tut soon. Why, you ask?


Archeologists have found Hatshepsut. (She was the first female pharoah of Egypt; she was never a great role model in terms of ethics, but I always admired her smug grin on statuary.) Her body's been around since 1903, but geneticists have finally extracted enough DNA from enough places go be sure it's her. Story here.

I gotta go knit. Something.


Bells said...

they found Hatshepsut! That's so cool. Thanks for the tip off. I'll go read. I loved her.

Curly hair is cool. You should be proud of yours.

And thanks for posting the next stage on the steeked jacket. One day I'll get there!

Anonymous said...

ah-ha another cat slave! I have been known to forget to turn off the heating pad so the kitties could soak up some luxury.
Project monogamy? What's that?

Louiz said...

Cool about Hatshepsut, will read that, and the steeking - I think you missed out a stage (the having a very large drink after stage).

Anonymous said...

Keep it curly. Its really cute.


Amy Lane said...

Yeah--because when you cut the curls, it gets straight for a while, and then it sproings right up around adolescence... (or at least Chicken's did...) The Cave Troll never did get the curl...he just goes baby Einstein every so often until we chop it off...

Alwen said...

I had straight blonde hair as a little girl which gradually darkened, then suddenly curled when I hit puberty. (Puberty is enough to curl anybody's hair.)

Yeah! We heard about Hatshepsut on the BBC driving up to the zoo & museum, then saw the mummy they had there. Talk about great tie-ins.

Me, I always like Nefertiti (sp?)