Monday, June 04, 2007

June goals.

My June goal is rather simple, really: I need to chill the fuck out.

I thought I was doing okay with the yarn dyeing and the baby-raising and the sweater knitting, and the book researching and the working out, and that it was all chugging along okay. Then this morning I realized I've been knitting the same sweater (the steeked jacket) since January, and I was taking tranquilizers before I went to the Post Office. It seems, perhaps, that a little lifestyle adjustment would be a good idea. A little more knit, a little less run around spazzing out. That's the goal.

If, by chance, I manage to finish some stuff, that would be great. But I'm going for some relaxing knitting for the month. That's the goal.

The Mystery Knit is going to be finished and the pattern written - for the NEXT Knitty deadline, not this one. I just don't need the stress. If I manage to borrow a camera and retake the lace article photos, I'll submit that June 15, but if I don't, that's okay, too. I've gotta quit freaking on the details. I'm not doing anyone any favors. (Particularly not the people whom I live with, whom I am supposed to love.)

Yesterday, to kick off this new idea, I went to James Island and hung out with Terby and knit on the steeked jacket. Tonight, I'm going to go to a knitting guild deal and hang out and knit on the steeked jacket. (It's what I feel like working on, it's easy, and it needs done.) It was nice, to sit and knit and chat and not sweat deadlines and finishing details and other screwiness.

Mid-June (on pay day), I'm going to order some yarn for a new design (haven't decided which one yet, but odds are good it will be a yoked sweater like the Blue Shimmer, of some kind or other, either in imitation of ancient Chinese porcelain or ancient Egyptian clothing), and alternate working on that, and working on all the other projects I've got started.

Otherwise I'm thinking of phasing out the sock yarn and just selling lace weight while I phase in designs for sale (as I write them). I can't dye piles of yarn AND knit designs. Something's got to give. Not to mention the Post Office is probably my leading cause of stress.

Anyway, in cute news, the baby's had a rocker since last Christmas that the in-laws gave her, and suddenly, as of this past weekend, it's her favorite toy, ever. You know how that goes, where they play with one toy every day for weeks. So here's the latest:

Although at the moment she's not rocking, she's jumping up and down in her crib, pretending to nap.


Netter said...

Pretending to nap. Cute. said...

that's so funny: that's the goal i set for myself today too. that's why i've decided to devote the next hour to drinking coffee, eating cake (REAL CAKE!!!!), and catching up on all my favorite knitting blogs.

good for you! let's hope we can relax!

ladylinoleum said...

LMAO...I could have written this post!

Yes, relax. Take it from this stress cadet. In the long run, you are much better off.

Bells said...

Sigh. I can relate.

I'm considering trying to have the steeked jacket ready for a knitting show rumoured to be happening here in July. I just don't know. It fills me with a sense of panic. Do I need that?

Donna Lee said...

Please take care of you and your psyche. Life is too short to worry over self-imposed deadlines. Sometimes craft folks are their own worst enemies. Isn't it amazing to discover that the world still spins even though you are relaxing? Knitting should be fun.

Rae said...

Decrapitate. Mentally, physically, list-wise. ;) Enjoy some decluttering and clearing of the to-dos. You have enough to do already; nice to give yourself a break. No one else will.

Roxie said...

Hooray for a rocking butterfly! Now you know where she is for a few minutes. Bless your dear heart! I heartily approve delaying those deadlines. Good on you!

Amy Lane said...

Definitely...I'm there with you...chill out...(Okay, for me, June is ALWAYS chill out month...) but's downright WEIRD how we can let things that we do because we enjoy start caving our chest in and making our hands shake...I mean...look at all that adorability... pretty soon she's going to be dying her hair blue (oy!) and asking to pierce her navel...(not yet, but we did spend the weekend looking for blue dye) Enjoy the cuteness while you got it!!!

Julie said...

Honestly, I live for the day she wants colored hair, because I think it'd be adorable. I'm waiting for her to ask, though, I don't want to hear, thirty years from now, "Remember that time I was two and Mum dyed my hair pink? Damn, was that humiliating."