Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First yarn buy of the year.

Well, not counting stuff I bought to dye and re-sell in my shop. I don't think of that as stash or even mine, because even as it comes into the house, I have plans to ship it back out again.

This is the first stuff I've bought for me.

Above, the yarn for "Tut Tut". On the left, the body color, 'natural'. (I think bright white looks kind of weird as a color, particularly for historically inspired patterns. If it weren't for modern chemistry and bleaching methods, bright white wouldn't exist any more than magenta does.) The colors on the right are for the yoke. Not bad, though if that rosy pink is the color of carnelian, I'm Hatshepsut. Ah well, sometimes you have to sacrifice accuracy for wearability and making people happy with a pattern. That's why it's called an adaptation and not a direct copy. (Like the ancient Egyptians had knitting anyway. Ha.)

This is the Elann Lara in "Algiers Teal" that I got to do the pinwheel-style jacket for the state fair. It's a true teal, a little bit greener than the photo looks on my computer, and quite lovely. Should match most of my wardrobe, too. In typical paranoid fashion, I have already ordered another pile of it, because I'm worried about how much yarn the knit-on lace edge will take. (The pattern is written for a crochet edge.) In general, knit-on lace edgings take about twenty yards more yarn than you have. Anyway, I hope to start this today. In preparation for the incoming yarn order, I've been trying to finish all the knitting on the Steeked Jacket and have just a bit of bindoff left to do. I plan to knit the pinwheel jacket without doing a swatch first, which will probably return to bite me on the ass - yet another reason to get more yarn. (If it turns out I have a huge pile of it left over, I'll knit the baby a pullover or something. It's a really nice, sturdy yarn.)

The baby enjoyed the box, too. It's all good.


Along with my lovely yarn order today, I got another wedding invitation in the mail. It was expected. I need to knit another lace doily and have it in the mail by August 11. Oh, goodie.


Amy Lane said...

Ohh... fun...yarn!!! Yarn is good... all good things come from yarn!!!

Bells said...

oh such pretty stuff. Can't wait to see what you're going to come up with from it all.

And the baby got some fun out of it too, so everyone's happy. Oh, except the husbeast. Doesn't look like he got anything out of it!

Roxie said...

Can't wait to see the Egyptian Sweater. I seem to recall that the oldest piece of knitting ever found was ancient Egyptian - a sock knit at 36 stitches to the inch.