Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lameass Sunday post.

If anyone's been paying attention lately, you may have noticed I've cut way back on Sunday posting on the ol' blog. The reason for this is, we don't do anything on Sundays. I mean, nothing. The goal is to sit on our butts around the house, and if we feel motivated, we put the baby in the inflatable pool in the front yard. If the husbeast was too busy playing on Saturday, he will occasionally mow the lawn on Sunday. And once in a while I get a wild hair and make an elaborate dinner. But mostly, it's just us sitting around.


The one event of the day was, well, okay, wait, there were two events. I was awakened from my weekly sleep-in by the sound of husbeast yelling and baby crying. I wandered into the living room, trying to focus my eyes (I sleep with my eyes open, anyone else do that? and then when I wake up my eyes are full of cat hair and I can't see anything). The Baby had poured another soda over the recliner (third or fourth time), and the husbeast was quite irritated.

So I got to lock the baby in my office with me, while I slurped down caffeine and read Bloglines and the husbeast hooked up the carpet/furniture cleaner thingie and cleaned his chair. (He was a happy man. Maybe soon he'll remember to put the fucking cap on his soda bottle.)


Once all had settled, I picked up the Pinwheel Jacket (pattern here, for those who've asked), and almost immediately found a mistake. A mistake that was pretty obvious, in terms of sending it to the state fair, at any rate. If I'd planned to just keep it for myself, I'd have ignored it. But instead I wound up tearing out six rounds of pinwheel, and I still haven't knit it all back up again.

Now you see why I don't post on Sundays?? How exciting is this?


Bells said...

sounds like a whole lot of not sitting around to me!

Are you serious about the sleeping with your eyes open thing? That's weird!

Sheepish Annie said...

My niece used to steal my coffe and dump it out when I wasn't looking. My favorite day was when she dumped it all over Daddy's router and the baby book that Mommy had painstakingly put together. This was all under Autie Sheepies' watch, thank you very much. This is why I don't have children of my own...I'm not all that observant!

Amy Lane said...

Ladybug now knows when she's doing something wrong...we say "no no no" and she makes this noise that rattles your fillings from your teeth and then she laughs. Offspring...there's a reason turtles just bury their eggs in the sand and make for warmer climates...

amy said...

Yep, the cap on the bottle is a good idea. Much easier to control the beverage-pouring opportunities than control the child (says the woman whose kids are driving her crazy--but I'm MUCH better with the littler ones, I swear). I still don't leave drinks unattended. Although I did publish an essay about what happened when I left my iced coffee and my 2yo alone for two seconds. Guess which one of us threw a hissy fit?

As for the needle-pulling in one of your recent posts--my older son never went there, but my younger son is Dennis the Menace reincarnated. I did finally break him of touching the knitting, somewhere around 2 1/2. Until she learns, just keep that out of her reach, too. oooh, pointy sticks and string... they simply can't resist.


Anonymous said...


the cat that my son blessed me with looks a lot like sekhmet and must be a soulmate: i came home from taking my grandgirl to day camp only to find scruffy bunked down on the top shelf in the laundry room . . . atop a just-washed-dried-and-folded-to-be-put-away-for-summer sweater. black, of course, since his white tummy is shedding profusely. fortunately, it was not a hand-knit, just a lame-ass chain store sweater.

he hasn't spilled anything lately, but the grandgirl, who's 5.5, spilled milk twice saturday -- and then thoughtfully requested a sippy cup so it wouldn't happen again. this a.m., she dropped first one cream-cheesed bagel half and then a second. no wonder the mutt-hound adores her.

what can you do with kids and pets like that but hold 'em and hug 'em and love 'em? (oh -- and take pictures, which i did to the cat this a.m. i figured i might as well get cute pix in return for having to de-scruffify the sweater!)

having had the grandgirl and her mommy in residence for 3+ years has been "deja vu all over again" -- a reminder of how frustrating, yet how much fun, dealing with little ones can be. we still laugh over the time my son made a 5-lb-bag's worth of flour paste in his sister's bathroom sink to get revenge for god-knows-what. (the then-huz-bum was on duty that night.) thankfully, my son put the stopper in first!

ellen in indy

KnitTech said...

Sounds like a busy day for everyone. Just as a thought, maybe you should get some big ass needles and cheap yarn, to leave laying around for the Baby to "play" with. Work on it infrequently and make her work to get it.

Roxie said...

And when she's fifteen and sets the garage on fire because she's smoking Cuban cigars with her buddies over by the gas can, you will look back on the spilled soda and sigh with nostalgia.

Alwen said...

I approve of "doing nothing". Unstructured time is goo'for you!

When our son was that age, one day he got into the van and smeared nearly a whole bottle of sunscreen on the (cloth) upholstery.