Saturday, June 30, 2007


That's all there is for excitement today; more rain. Whoopee. So let's dump a jumble of links and information!

I've got about five inches of Tut Tut done, and some more of the Pinwheel edging charted. The charting is going slowly, because, well, I hate it. To put it bluntly.

There's a photo gallery of the Hatshepsut mummy on the National Geographic web site, here.

And while we're talking about National Geographic, they have an article about how agriculture is not nearly as recent a thing, in the Americas, as the history books teach. Seeds from domesticated species (including cotton) have been found, dating back over ten thousand years. Which is also blowing that 'recently settled' theory about the Americas, too. Article here.

Just in the time I've been typing, the sky has gone from sunny to black, and thunder is rattling the house. Nothing but good times ahead.

Jenny Crusie, the novelist, confesses on her blog today. Yes. She has a cheap variegated yarn habit, and then crochets hats with it, hats she thinks are ugly. She compares the hat-crocheting to writing a book, and the creative process in general. As usual, it's beautifully written and hilarious. Her post is titled "The Devil in the Craft Store." I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Oh, and remember the discussion about the Baby's hair? She spent the morning in the pool, out in the humidity, and I thought to snap a photo while she ate lunch:

The husbeast has been overheard telling the baby "You're having a bad hair life."

Eek. Lightning strike. Hitting send.


Bells said...

Bad hair life? That's me! I love it.

I'm loving the Hatshepsut stuff.

Amy Lane said...

The Husbeast does understand about curly hair, doesn't he...

Anonymous said...

Bad hair life! Oh poor kid. Just curious, how do you get so much knitting done with a toddler running around? Are you knitting really fast? Or is the baby just really good?

Donna Lee said...

I had hair that curly when I was very young. My mother hated it and used to curse me with "I hope you have daughters with hair just like yours". She let it grow long and it was evidently a mess. Then I got scarlet fever and the curl left my hair and now all I have is a wave and I have to pay to have curly hair. My daughters? They have straight, lovely hair, just like their father.

Kristen said...

Please don't ever brush her hair. Let it grow to the length she wants, and teach her to finger comb it when it's wet. Once she's old enough, put some mousse or gel in it. Just don't ever brush it.