Sunday, June 17, 2007

The cat ate my swatch and the kid's a pig.

Okay, okay, she didn't EAT my swatch. Here it is in progress: (k4 p1 rib on a #5 needle)

I have this ball of Elann Sonata that I'm not terribly fond of due to color (I'll spare any really rude comments about what it looks like, because my luck, one of my regular readers knit a beloved sweater from that very color). Anyway, I don't like it, so I figured what better to knit a gauge swatch with, until the Elann Sonata in the colors I REALLY need gets here? (Yes, technically different colors of the same yarn have marginally different gauges. I refuse to care about a quarter of a stitch in gauge swatches. There's enough other stuff to stress about.)

The plan was to get the swatch done before the yarn arrived, then cast on, buy the new Kushiel book, and hole up in a corner somewhere knitting and reading for the next week. I could at least get the body done that way, maybe the body and sleeves. It'd be good.

Only one problem.

See the dark brown on the right side of the ball? Yeah. That's soda. The cat (with the aid of the baby) poured an entire can over the ball while I was knitting from it.

Not quite sure what I'm gonna do about this. Everyone involved has already been yelled at; didn't do shit to get the soda out of the yarn. Since the soda was no-calorie, that means it didn't have sugar in it, which means the yarn won't get sticky. I'm tempted to knit it up as-is and then wash.


Today is Father's Day. (Is that an international thing? I'm thinking not.) In honor of the day, the husbeast wanted to go to the Outback Steakhouse. (Aussies clicking on that link, try not to sprain your ribs laughing. I figure it's about as authentic as my local Mexican restuarant and my favorite Chinese takeout place. Which is to say, not. I've eaten real TexMex in Albuquerque, and real Chinese in Hawaii.) While at the Outback, my not-quite-two-yearold child ate: two inch-thick slices of pumpernickel bread, a handful of cheesy fries, half my potato soup, a grilled cheese sandwich, some of my prime rib, and a bowl of steamed vegetables. We're still waiting for her to explode, but so far, so good. I didn't get a photo of her in her cute yellow dress, because I forgot before and she'd spit milk all down her chest after.

Am I having fun yet?


Jacquie said...

Julie, I can't begin to describe how you cheer me with your witticisms (is that a word?)I like your approach to knitting the swatch regardless of little extras. In Australia Fathers Day is the first Sunday in September, Mothers Day the second Sunday in May.The restaurant is have once again exercised my rib cage!

Dana said...

The carb queen at least got a vegetable or two in there. Beats the $3 bag of kettle corn my kids split at the AVP tourney this aft.

Just knit the damn swatch. Sonata is mercerized, it can take it.

Bells said...

That outback place has never failed to amuse me. I swear I will go next time I'm in the US. Do they have Aussies working there who say G'day Mate a lot? Groan.

Sheepish Annie said...

We celebrated with a Chinese food buffet. Said buffet featured macaroni and cheese, and french fries. ?????????????????????????

You get points for the swatching according to "The Knitting Guide To Getting Into Heaven" so the soda probably won't matter in the long run.

Jejune said...

LOL - the restaurant is - yeah - NOT very Australian. The hamburgers should all have slices of pickled beetroot on them for starters... (not joking).

I must admit that when I lived in Colorado (hubby was at the Uni for 3 years), I got a broader Aussie accent, and used much more slang than I do when I'm home. Partially to fend off the people who kept asking me if we had TV in Australia, and did kangaroos hop down the roads. (Well, to be fair roos often do, only it's generally into oncoming traffic - they're a bit like deer who jump high.)

Crap about the baby and cat conspiring to add soda to your yarn. I think some retribution is in order!

Alwen said...

On my monitor the color looks like the couch we had reupholstered (before reupholstery). I used to call it "old bandaid".

Measure that child at the beginning and end of the week. It's amazing how they can go for months eating two teaspoons of this and that, then suddenly they eat half your breakfast, lunch and dinner. ("Reduced calorie meals for moms"?)

Netter said...

Two words for the pig out: growth spurt.

Sarah said...

WHAT!!! The new kushiel book is out, damn I really need to keep track of this stuff better. Off to the Lib website for a put my name at the very bottom of the list and wait. We just dropped $100 on books so I probably should wait to purchase.

We did North China for Da-eee Day, they are americanized but have little to no american styled food on there buffet, mm good eats.

theresa said...

Damn it! I haven't even managed to read the last Kushiel book yet. See what happens when you have a baby? Hell in a handbasket, I say. Alright, finish the latest Tad Williams, then start Kushiel's Scion. Maybe I'll even get some knitting done in there... maybe.

Amy Lane said...

hmm... my suggetion? But only of the yarn washes well..cut yarn, wrap it TIGHTLY in a pillow case, wash, dry, pray for the best... (Oddly enough, that weirdo color looks really good with purple and, no, don't try to explain using the color wheel... I just know I like that combo...don't look at me that already know I'm weird...)

Ada said...

I don't think the Baby is a pig, I think you're starving her at home (-; My almost two-year old also surprises everyone by how much pasta she can stuff into her belly, and rule is if there is something yummy that I've ordered, she'll nearly finish it all and if we order her own meal, she won't touch it.

Julie said...

Actually, there is a color wheel explanation for that color, purple, and green. They're the three secondary colors and are considered a good match. Haha. See? Your brain does this stuff automatically.