Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A jumble of unrelated stuff.

Remember this?

The orange shawl from Victorian Lace Today? I'm still working on it, when my hands get tired of wrestling Lopi for the Steeked Jacket. (Knitting phase of the Steeked Jacket almost done here. Much excitement. Directions need written.)

This of course does not include the lace I need to do for another wedding in August, or the State Fair entry due October 1. I'm considering doing a pattern from Victorian Lace Today, with cotton thread, to enter in the State Fair. We'll see.

The cat has lost her mind.

The flower is actually the lid from a toy chest sort of thing belonging to The Baby. The Baby pulls the lid off and scoots around the floor on it for a while. Then she gets bored and abandons it. THEN the cat moves in. After the cat sits on it a while, she can hear her tail flipping, and begins chasing it. Eventually she collapses in exhaustion, or The Baby shoves her away to scoot the flower around on the floor some more.

It's like living in a circus.

It's rained here, off and on, for the last two days, cooling things down a bit. Everything has turned bright green and the humidity has skyrocketed. I've been looking for a good topographical map of the area, so people can get a good idea of the swamp I'm living in, but so far, no luck. Suffice it to say, I live in a swamp.

And The Baby is working on perfecting The Piggy Snoot Face:

Not quite there yet, but she's getting better.


Sheepish Annie said...

Dunno what made me chuckle more, the baby or the cat. It may have been a tie!

Amy Lane said...

Yeah... babies and cats...it's kind of a crapshoot who's the most entertaining...

Alwen said...

You want Topozone, the topographic map geek's dream website:

Zoom out to 1:100,000 or further.

For purty pitchers, try Raven Maps and Images at www.ravenmaps.com

Gad, I love the internet. All this and knitting geeks too.

Not to mention belly laughs over other people's cats and children from my own little introvert's den.

Dana said...

One can knit a PATTERN for the fair? I had invented in my head that the work had to be original. You might want to suck up to Vera... she's been a judge for the past 2 years. ha ha.

Sarah said...

You know, you do have one of the cutest monkeys around, right?! Of course, that's right after my four :D

Teresa said...

I want to live at your house!

Teresa said...

..and what does her t-shirt say?

Julie said...

The t-shirt says "I tried to be good, but I got bored."