Friday, June 29, 2007

A better day.

...than yesterday.

Yesterday, within an hour of waking, The Baby had gone into the bedroom and reset the husbeast's clock-radio, gone into my office and swept most of the mess on my desk onto the floor, and, the topper, poured a full mug of hot tea all over herself and my knitting chair. (The blue wingback with the beige diamond lattice.) Fortunately, Paranoid Mumum (that would be me) had, upon giving birth, begun putting ice-cubes in my tea to cool it to lukewarm, with something like this in mind. Normally I drink my tea scorching hot. Oh, yes, people snickered at me for being an overcautious mum. Well, due to my paranoia (wait, it's not paranoia if it's a legitimate concern, right?) the Baby was not burned. She cried when it hit her legs, and certainly did not LIKE it, but there wasn't a mark on her by the time I peeled her out of her stained clothing. Little booger.

So, in a nutshell, yesterday sucked sideways.


One reason the Baby managed to get away from me so often yesterday, was that I was trying to set up and fill the baby pool in the front yard. After her rampage, I decided hell would freeze over before she got to play in the pool, and I figured we could do it today.

Is there anything more forlorn than the sight of a baby pool in the rain?

The Baby recovered from her disappointment (actually, I'd never told her we were doing it, so it was no big deal) and did this all day instead:

Same idea, without the water.


Since the Pinwheel Jacket is stalled while I chart the edging I want to use and figure out exactly what in hell I'm doing (I THINK I am going to knit the edge and graft it on, but I may go crazy and knit it on as I go... haven't decided), I cast on for Tut Tut. (I am a firm believer in knitting to keep your hands busy, so as to avoid killing your child on bad days. And yesterday I really, really, really needed to knit.)

That's the start of the body, size large, 46 inches/101 cm around. (This is going to be a pattern for sale and I had to work out the sizes before I cast on... very odd, this whole keeping-track thing.) I've begun knitting while reading blogs and hanging out in computer chat rooms and am knitting up about a hundred yards of yarn per day. If my hands hold out, I might get the Pinwheel Jacket AND Tut Tut done by the end of July.

Which is good, 'cause I have Christmas knitting to do, too. The order to Bendigo will probably be made soon. I want to use the cable patterns from "Morrigan" in "No Sheep for You", with more masculine shaping, for my father-in-law. If my sanity can take it. No idea what I'm making my mother-in-law yet, though if she loves my Pinwheel Jacket, I may knit another one for her.

I wonder, if I had a team of ten knitters going full blast and unlimited access to any yarn I wanted, if I'd ever get through all my ideas. Probably not.


Once we steam-cleaned my chair yesterday, we put down a towel on the cushion, and Sekhmet spotted it and decided that meant it was just for her.

Ugly towel. Good kitty. She's the only one around her who listens to me. You know it's bad when you say that about a CAT.


I love my new camera.

Gotta go knit.


Bells said...

oh yes. So forlorn! That baby in a box photo kills me.

Pearls Mother said...

I love a baby in a box!
Things are interesting when
"the fucker" cat is getting praise.
The baby is still cute, just growing up!

Bubblesknits said...

The baby looks like she's pondering how to get that lock on the cabinet open. lol I catch my youngest watching me intently whenever I open those baby-proof locks. I honestly think she could do it if her hands were bigger.

Good save with the tea! Glad she didn't get burned.

Rachel H said...

I have a 6 year old boy and the cat listens better than he does these days. No, it really isn't a good sign, is it?

Alwen said...

It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you!

That baby in a box photo is great. (Doesn't it rock having a new camera?)

And your cat photo is cute too.

Dana said...

I think I could knit an Alice Starmore sweater today using your theory.

RobynR said...

Thank goodness you're "paranoid" I knew a young'un who managed to spill a mug of freshly brewed tea on himself and ended up with second degree burns. He still has the scars some ten years later.
Babies get into things and it is the wise mother who braces for that eventuality and does everything she can to lessen the consequences.
Also, for the record, my cats also listen better than both dogs and the husband. You have my sympathy.

amy said...

I'm also in the lukewarm tea camp. It was, literally, years before I brought a mug of coffee, hot or even warmish, anywhere near the kids. When I became a mother, I immediately began looking for danger everywhere, so that I could minimize it. I would rather be mocked for being compulsive than, well, than face any other horrible alternative that might have been prevented.