Friday, June 22, 2007

It's a dark, dark day.

Today was the last episode of Stargate. I am bummed. The last episode was okay. Not a huge wrap-up (they intend to do a movie for that, the bastages) but kind of a cute idea. Since I've spent the last month bitching about the quality of writing in the current crop of summer movies (Pirates 3 and Fantastic Four), I'm more relieved than anything. It didn't suck. That's good.


I spent the day knitting, mostly. My hand is killing me but I love the fabric this yarn makes and can't wait to wear this thing. I did my first test-splice the other night and feel ready to take photos and do a how-to when I do the next splice - which should be sometime in the next two or three days. Assuming my hand holds out. Or the drugs do.


Otherwise, I don't have much to write about, but Amy Lane tagged me for a history meme kind of thing, so I'll give it a whirl. You hit Wikipedia for events that happened on your birthday or birth month, list some, and tag someone else. I'm not much for tagging people, so anyone reading who wants to participate, knock yourselves out.

I was born October 16. Not telling you the year, no, you can't make me.

-October 16, 1775, Portland Maine was torched by the British.

-October 16, 1793, Marie Antoinette was guillotined. Hahaha. That one's almost poetic.

-October 16, 1923, the Walt Disney Company was founded.

-October 16, 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis began. (I knew that one, somehow.)

-October 16, 2002, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina was founded in Alexandria, Egypt, in honor of the ancient library that was lost. I also knew about this one, and consider it the world's birthday present to me. (Humor me.)

Even if you aren't doing the meme, you ought to try searching your birth date and see what all happened on that day. It's kind of interesting. At least to history freaks.


Amy Lane said...

Glad I could help! (I like your b-day--I'm going to do that instead of just my month...

Bells said...

You and Marie Antionette. That's hilarious.

Would I like Stargate? I'm willing to take recommendations from you but seriously, as someone who loathed star trek the next gen because everyone in her family spent hours watching it while she was growing up, I think either I need to get over that sort of reaction OR accept I'll never like that stuff. But I love stuff that gets you really involved....

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, sorry, this is yet another comment which is completely unrelated to your post (I think this is the third time I've done this to you!). You're just the first resource that jumps to mind when I think, "I need a Smart Knitting Person to answer this..." So here goes: What the heck is this: ? Ok, I guess I get the general purpose given the product description. But I can't envision how you would actually use it, particularly the intriguing curlicues on either end. What do you think, Handy Gadget or Annoying Gimick?

Of course you should feel free to ignore the question since it has nothing to do with what you're blogging about!

Fancy Pants said...

Hi Julie! You have inspired me to knit the pinwheel sweater. I dug around in my stash and found the yarn necessary. Yippee! Anyway. I just thought I'd share that with you.