Monday, June 11, 2007

Yesterday sure sucked.

The picnic sucked. I didn't know anyone, the food was blah, and the baby was a monster. They had a bounce house (one of those air-filled trampoline thingies) and we put her in and pretended she was in a cage.

She wasn't, of course, the little booger, and eventually got out. We took her to the beach, which was also near the picnic area. She had her own little game plan, and would play in the sand until she got hot, then toddle down into the water and sit in it until she cooled off, then back up to the beach to play in the sand some more. We let her do what she wanted, so long as it didn't involve going into deep water or throwing sand at us.

She saw other kids swimming (all older than her), and decided SHE needed to learn how; in the photo she's got her face in the water, blowing bubbles, trying to figure out what the trick was.

As for knitting, I took along the Steeked Jacket and knit not one stitch on it. I was too busy chasing the Baby, who was the only one who had a good time. She has also, incidentally, learned to lay on her back in bed and kick the wall until the entire house seems to rattle. She's doing that, right now. The joy of nap time.

I'm getting serious about finishing the Steeked Jacket, really. I hope to do the shoulder straps today and the back of the neck tomorrow. On the 15th I'll be ordering new yarn (the first new yarn of the year! woohoo!) and I want to be able to dig right into it when it arrives.

I know, I know. I've got other stuff to finish, too. I'm not gonna think about it.


Sheepish Annie said...

Hmmmm...the Baby looks pretty content in that cage. I suppose that, if you know you can escape at any time, a cage isn't really all that intimidating.

Bells said...

awww....look at that face. I bet you weren't too angry when you saw that little face smiling back at you?

Amy Lane said...

Is it 'everybody's baby is horrible' week? Arwyn is making us just nucking futs... she's been in the crib for a time out more than half her day! But your baby sure does look like she had fun... (she's so darn cute, blowing bubbles in the water.)

Sorry you had a crap sucks large when you're chasing a little one..

Roxie said...

That pink and pleasing litte person is so adorable behind bars.

Can you move the crib away from the wall?

At least no one got sick from the potato salad. The picnic wasn't a TOTAL disaster.