Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More HAH!

For those of you who are long-time readers, you may remember my original, rambling rant about how people first got to the Americas, and how screwed up the current historic theories are. (If not, it can be found here.) In the original rant, I mentioned that I was POSITIVE that Polynesians got to South America in their explorations of the Pacific. Well, guess what?

There's new evidence, also supporting my theory.

This time they've found pre-Columbian chicken bones, tested the DNA (I am continually amazed at the cleverness of scientists), and found that the chickens contained South East Asian genetic markers. (To simplify it.) And the only way for SE Asian chickens to get to S America before 1400, was if the Polynesians brought them.

HAH. I am vindicated yet again.

I shall now go gloat by myself.


Bells said...

I remember that!

Who'd have thought - chicken bones?!

You have every right to gloat.

amy said...

I just learn the neatest things here.

KnitTech said...

Now there will be no living with you and your ego. :)

Amy Lane said...

OKay... is it my imagination or is science more and more sounding like an episode of CSI...

Alwen said...

HAH! I love that kind of stuff.

And for different reasons, I loved the start of this sentence, which made me giggle:

"Since the chickens couldn't have made it across the open Pacific on their own. . ."

[Cue Gary Larson/Farside-style mental picture of chickens manning a Thor Heyerdahl-style raft]

Bells said...

This was on the news here last night! And it turns out NZ is behind the discovery. Very, very cool.