Monday, April 30, 2007

Whining, and gloating, and tidings of great joy. With more gloating.

The whining first, just to get it out of the way. Due to family weirdness (illness, actually - no hostility or natural disasters involved), we are going on a quick trip to Ohio. Starting tomorrow. One day to drive up, one or two days there, and another day to drive home. We'll be back by Friday night. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to driving 1200 miles in two days. There are no words.

Oh, and did I mention we leave at four in the morning, to fake out The Baby and make her sleep through half the trip? That way she only thinks she's been in the car five hours and we avoid the exhausted hysterics until she collapses. (Been there. Don't wanna go there again.)

So this means, among other things, that I am missing Thursday morning at the Children's Museum, AGAIN. Sorry, guys. I'll get back there again, soon. I swear. (The Baby would be pissed if she knew -- then again, she might not; this trip means quality Grandma time for her.)

Instead of getting organized and packing stuff up today, I put my head in the sand and knit. Lo and behold, look what I did:

Two sleeves! Joined to the body! This may get done soon. (However I'm taking the Mystery Knit on the trip -- being all stressed out with hours of car riding to do, will force me to work on it.) And don't worry, all you happy steekers, I took photos to show how to join it all together. With luck I'll even post it before I leave, but Saturday for sure, when we get home.

Guess what! Bendigo Woolen Mills has joined the 21st century and finally created a web site!! Right now the exchange rate isn't on our side here in the US, but give it a while and then think about an order. Excellent wool yarn, and very economical, even with postage added on. (Look at the yardage in those balls before you complain about the price.) This wool is nice and smooth and perfect for stranded color anything. Bells sent me some of their yarn in our swap, and I'm trying to knit myself out from under this pile of stuff so I can knit up the yarn she sent. Guess what else she sent?

What is probably the only Bendigo color card in North America. Hahahaha. Oh, and Sekhmet, you fucker.


Teresa said...

Is she trying to eat it?

Amy Lane said...

Oh look...that kitty is making out with the yarn card! (Our cat used to make out with my friend's feet--only her feet. No on else's.)

Good traveling, may you accomplish much...but I'm afraid the stressed out baby is just going to be a by-product of baby in the sleep ain't real sleep...esp. not if you're stuck in a 5 pt. restraint...

Theresa said...

Sending good vibes to you and your family! The sweater is gorgeous. Now I'm off to look at Australian Yarn!

BTW my word verification is "askndur"
I ask to be a lottery winner please.

Bells said...

Oh good for you doing your bit to promote the best value Aussie wool Julie! They should give you a freebie. I ordered last night. Couldn't help it. I thought it was the least I could do.

Long drives suck but your approach sounds smart.

Bells said...

and I forgot to say that the jacket looks fantastic. I'm gearing up to start my sleeves this weekend.

Bells said...

one more thing.

The exchange rate is pretty good, actually. One $13AUD ball of wool works out at US$10.70. Not too bad huh.

And that's 200g or 44lb of wool!

Bells said...

ouch. I mean 7 ounces. Not 44lb!!!

Louiz said...

The steeked jacket looks fantastic, now I'm really going to start getting on with mine from this weekend.

Hope the health problems clear up.

Alwen said...

Gee, Bells, 44 lbs of yarn sounds awesome!

Julie, try to think of it as "all that knitting time". :) Personally, I'd think of it as "Ow my poor back!"

And my verification word is "phlfi". "Phlfi"? Do I need to go take another shower?

KnitTech said...

Enjoy the trip!

By the way, I finished the socks from the Lemonade yarn. I've taken to calling them Strawberry Lemonade (Cherry Cheesecake, Tequila Sunrise) I must say, I love how they turned out. I have enough to make another pair or so left over.

Laural said...

The kitty is deciding which yarn he would like for you to purchase for your next project so that he may lay upon it.

When we go from Indiana to Arkansas we leave at night too. Since it takes like 15 hours to get there, at least the first half is quiet!

Mia said...

whoa.. that IS a long time in the car. Guess I'll stop my whining about going to Cleveland in a few weeks.. only 4 hours from here.

And hey.. try my personal long trip motivation.. if I start early enough.. something about the hours spent driving in the dark DON'T COUNT! It's dark ya know.. not really daylight yet.. so I drive like the wind.. THEN at the first break of day I stop for breakfast and by the time I get back in the car.. it's like the day has only just begun!

Well.. ok, so it sounds stupid when I say it to someone else.. but always helps me!

Bells said...

i think heading off in the middle of the night is a fabulous idea. We did that in my family when we were all younger. There was something exciting about being woken up and poured into the car in our PJs then woken up for breakfast somewhere.

Nina said...

We like to leave for trips in the dark, also. Our trips are usually 12-15 hours as well. The problem comes when "we" have stayed up too late packing and doing stuff should have been done days before!

Another problem we have is, we can't drive much past dark; we get too sleepy, dh and I. Doesn't matter the time, early or late--we just get sleepy. Pathetic, really. And frustrating when you're in that last leg to get home!