Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The whine report.

So, what's going on around here.

Last week I had a pretty bad fall and banged up both knees and broke a toe. After the first day or two, they didn't bother me much unless I was trying to climb around on the floor with the baby, which is, what, half the time?

Then while we were visiting the family, the baby picked up an intestinal bug AND ran herself ragged - her leg muscles were so tired from running at the beach she could barely walk for most of the weekend, so it was back to carrying her around while she whined about how she didn't feel good.

Then I got the intestinal bug. (I am in no way annoyed with the family over this -- it had been a big concern and we went anyway, knowing the risks. It wasn't some "Oh, by the way, we're all sick" thing once we got there.) The husbeast, who is trying to lose weight for a weigh-in fitness check-in thingie, found out I had an intestinal bug and stuck his tongue in my mouth and swished it around in the hopes of catching it too.

We're a class act around here. (So far, he's showing no symptoms. Fucker.)

Once the baby started walking, she started expressing opinions on everything, like where she wanted to go and how long she wanted to stay there. (The nerve! Having an opinion! Around here! No one has opinions!) So she's been hell on wheels (okay, sandals) since last Thursday. Yesterday she threw a screaming conniption fit in the post office and I pulled a tendon in my supposedly good wrist, pulling her out and sticking her in the Jeep.

Plus I've been having migraines due to my hormone cycle and just maybe possibly because I forgot to refill my blood pressure medication and went without for a week. Or two. Or, um. Four.

Then there was a meteor strike, and the space pirates attacked, and a plague hit.

Okay, maybe not the plague. And the space pirates were pretty cute.

Anyway, it's been a shit week around here, but there's nothing insurmountable, just a bunch of crap. Literally. Thanks for the good wishes, and we're all muddling through.


MrsFife said...

Oh dear.
All my best wishes and gentle hugs!

Janelle said...

Hormone migraines suck. I'm just getting over a three-day Imitrex-fest myself. Combined with intestinal difficulties? Hell. Pure hell. Sorry to hear about your week, I hope it starts looking up soon!

Kari said...

ugh on the migraine and I hope you now have you BP meds???

Bonnie said...

Ack. Sorry about the crappy week. Hope you're feeling better. The tongue thing cracked me up! Thanks for the thoughts on substituting yarn...very helpful.

Alwen said...

Not enough sunspots, I'm telling you! You fall and break your toe, my son falls and hurts his arm, and my step-nephew (my brother's wife's son) puts a pony bead up his nose and has to be sedated to get it out.

Let's all sit in the middle of the room and not touch anything for a while, eh?

Roxie said...

You know about the BRAT diet for intestinal distress, right? Bananas,Rice, Applesauce and Tea. Works for me.

If hubby wants to catch the bug - naww, it's too disgusting.

KnitTech said...

Hope you feel better.

Good thing the bridges didn't wash out because of the floods. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're all (except husbeast) on the mend. Thanks for great yarn substitution article (yes - good idea for Knitty) - and I too vote for a chart-reading tutorial.

debsnm said...

Well, I'm glad to hear the earthquakes, plague of locusts and hail storms didn't get you! Don't you just love the 2's?

lisamaesc said...

I hope things are settling down. Please, please, please take your blood pressure medicine!!!!!! And on the other hand, hormones just suck, don't they!