Saturday, April 21, 2007

Loot and cute babies.

Lately I've been shopping on Etsy, instead of selling. (I'm dying yarn this weekend, I'll get back to the other, soon.) I've had two really wonderful purchases lately. The first was some stitch markers:

These are from "Wee Ones" and she does all kinds of very adorable small animals, not just sheep. The shop owner is nice, and ships quickly, and has it together. It's a class act with really cute stitch markers.

The other thing I bought was some batik print fabric from here (for the kitchen window):

I was so in love with the fabric, I didn't even read closely when I bought it and was delighted to find, when it arrived, that it's LINEN. Lovely stuff. It'll probably outlive me. There's enough for one curtain for sure, with enough left over to MAYBE make an office curtain/valence sort of thing. All for $15. Nicely made, quick shipping, etc. Another class act.

And where was I all day yesterday? Pawley's Island, visiting with some family that was on vacation. The Baby got to play with some cousins. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera when we went to the beach. Total baby cuteness. Here, The Baby teaches a cousin how to beat on the patio door as a drum.

The poor goober is so tired today, she's just laying on the floor watching toons. Last night she couldn't even stand - the muscles in her legs were noodles from walking around all day.


Sheepish Annie said...

Awww, such a sweet little stitch marker! And I do love that fabric. It'll make a great curtain.

As always, the baby is just a little bundle 'o cuteness. And now we've got cute in stereo!

Amy Lane said...

It's just so sad when they're so tired they just lay there...especially when they're usually so active... (of curse, there's a weird sort of reversal that happens right before that point--when they're so tired that they won't stop moving in case they fall asleep...I HATE that stage...)