Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dumbass thing of the day.

I'm not sure if I'm disturbed or amused.

I am a d100

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

Pretty sure I'm amused.

From over at Working So I Can Knit.


debsnm said...

It's rigged, I tells ya!

KnitTech said...

Funny thing, I'm what DH wanted to be, the D12. Maybe there is something to this... or I'm almost to the end of a long day.

Amy Lane said...

Okay...so I took it once and was a d6...I thought "That can't be right...I'm dependable and boring? The boring, maybe, but dependable?" Then I took it again, and picked the OTHER answer I'd been thinking about.

And now I'm a d100.

So now we know.

I'm two completely different people.

NeedleTart said...

I'm a d10!? But come to think of it I do try to convince the kiddlins that math is "fun"!!

Bells said...

I'm supposedly a D6. Boring and predictable.

Fuck that.

The thing is, I didn't have a clue what half of those questions meant. I just answered randomly.

Jejune said...

Nuts - you? Naaaaah....

I'm a D12! Romantic, creative and unusual. Not too bad!

And yeah, Bells, it's a tiny bit of a RPG quiz, you gotta have inside info and a misspent youth, I'm afraid ;)

Alwen said...

Figures. D100.

Still lusting after those synthetic opal Dwarven stone dice after all these years -- maybe I'll get them as a 19th anniversary present.

barb outside boston said...

I WILL rule the world!!!!
(With the help of Baby and Sekhmet, of course!)