Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lace and charts and stuff.

Thinking back, I realize I used charts AND written directions for the first couple lace projects I knit, until I got the hang of the charts. Which led me to thinking about books that have both, and I have some suggestions.

Easily the best of the books I have is "The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffman" by Nancy Nehring.

Everything in the book has written directions, and (I think) all but one has a chart. Projects vary from simple edgings on up to the most complicated doily I have ever seen. (The turkey doily at the back. No chart. Lace short rows. I haven't knit it. Yet.) There are also 'teaching tips' all through, and comments that point out which projects are good for learning which skills.

The other suggested books are my old favorites, the first and second books of lace knitting from Marianne Kinzel.

These books also contain written directions AND charts for all the projects. There is also a bunch of information on casting on and off, blocking, etc. Other than insane doilies (I say that as a compliment), there are some really nice, more rational projects, including a very cool lace stole in the second book that I wish I had time to knit; it's lace openwork with solid stockinette leaves. I've knit most, if not all, of the doilies in both books, and I don't recall ever finding a mistake in the charts. (I've looked at my notes, too, and I don't see any corrections.) The doily on the cover of the second book is possibly the craziest thing I've ever knit.

Anyway. Hope that's helpful for anyone wanting to figure out charts; I'm still working on some more useful information, but this is a good starting place.


Lara said...

I love the lace leaf stole! Started to knit it on holidays, but I spilt G&T on the photocopied pattern, and it ended in tears. Want to try it again one day though...

Catie said...

good good, heard of all of these books - I'm getting to be quite the book collector - these will be on the next amazon order - i have one last question: how do I explain the books to the husband?