Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hm. I'm not so pissed off after all.

Last night I had a post planned that contained a list of everything I was pissed off about. It was quite a list - shifting drugs often makes me cranky, and throw in a bad day on top of it, and you have, well, me, last night.

However, this morning, after a night of sleep with no nightmares (the night before had been BAD, damned drug withdrawl) and a morning of the baby and the cat behaving, all may not be right with the world, but things aren't terribly bad.

I'll try to reconstruct the list anyway, for amusement purposes.

I know I was mad at The Baby. I'd gone out yesterday - taking her along, of course - and she had refused to be helpful in any way. Wouldn't walk, wouldn't even STAND to make it easier to put her in her car seat. Then we get home and she spends the day standing in front of the TV watching cartoons. STANDING. Now that I think of it, I still want to kill her, because she's STILL doing it. Grrr.

And another thing I'm still irritated about is people who don't know crap, holding forth on stupid subjects and refusing to do research or face facts when they're slapped down in front of them. Enough said on that subject. While I'm at the 'stupid people' point in my tirade, if someone in this shithole government isn't held responsible for something, soon, I'm going to... I don't know, but it'll be bad. I think my congressman has quit opening my e-mails again.

It's getting warm out and for the second year in a row our child can't play outside because our yard is full of fire ants and no one anywhere seems interested in doing anything about it. In Hawaii the city used to come around and blast big nests when they were reported, in an effort to keep them under control. Charleston doesn't give a shit.

Anyway, I could go on for hours. (And I'm in a GOOD mood this morning!) So let's talk about something a bit less...annoying. Like YARN!

On the right, lace-weight Cotton Candy. On the left, a whole bunch of Purple Trainwreck. Including.... laceweight PT. I'm gonna have to charge more for it, though, because it took an hour to wind it out to that longer skein, and it's gonna take another hour to put it into something shipable.

And today, it's Mermaid Tail.

Including... some lace weight mermaid tail. And in the bowl is some laceweight for experimental purposes. I'm going to try doing graduated color on the stove, without burning the house down. Here's hoping it works. (Ha. It's much more likely I'll just destroy the yarn.)

I also bought a little bit of egg dye at the Easter sales yesterday. And I resisted the urge to buy candy. Good for me. But I did buy one other thing.

A bubble gun. It blows bubbles when you pull the trigger.

Next time the cat and the baby gang up on me, I intend to shoot them.


Teresa said...

I was expecting a post-Easter bag of booty like that 'little bit.' How cheap WERE they?

Julie said...

The green ones were seventy-five cents each (half price) for NINE dye pellets (most kits have five or six), a bunch of other stuff, and a sheet of stickers for the baby. This is the stuff I used for the last batch of Easter Egg Rainbow that turned out so nice.

The other stuff in the purple box was fifty cents each and had six colors in it.

Anonymous said...

If you shoot the gang don't miss. That bubble soap leaves a messy ring on your furniture.

amy said...

I like that list idea. I should try that. Right now I'm pissed at my kids for treating me so rudely and laughing when I get upset and, quite frankly, if anyone else treated me like this I wouldn't bother with them, but instead, I actually cart them around to do fun things. If I got a bubble gun they'd just steal it and shoot ME instead.

debsnm said...

"I hate stupid people" is my mantra when I'm driving.

Julie said...

Oh geez, I didn't even START on the driving peeves. We'd be here all day.

And sorry for the false alarm - no laceweight Mermaid Tail. Whoops. But there will be laceweight Egg Rainbow in a few days.

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Julie.

Found you blog is marvelous reading for a new food dyer :o)
And wonder if I could link your blog to mine.

Another question is about the ester egg dyes, I am going to have friends in US to buy dyes for me. Doe they have kits that just have dyes and not all the other stuff?

Julie said...

Anyone who likes can link here in their blog, and thank you!

All egg dye kits have other stuff in them, but you can have your friends open the boxes and take out the pellets of dye. They're like little pills, and usually wrapped in plastic. Very convenient to just pop in an envelope. :)

Bells said...

oh go on, tell us about the stupid people. i want to know who that's directed at, even if it is your stinking government (we have a stinking government too, so I'm not saying ours is ANY better!)

Amy Lane said...

More Easter Egg yarn? Goody!!! The stuff I got in the mail yesterday ROCKED!!!

And I even cast on w/the 'Remains of the Day'...no guarantee I'll finish the project before June (when the kids I'm making projects for graduate) but I'll definitely finish before August, and my next group of kids...

Alwen said...

Yeah, the gummint is something I try not even to get started on. That and the new ACU (Army Combat Uniform). Let's see, if we're going to issue tens of thousands of uniforms, maybe we should test-wash the proposed fabric in common laundry detergents first, rather than trying to dictate what detergent military personnel can use to wash their FREAKIN' laundry!