Friday, April 06, 2007

Damn hand.

Taking the day off knitting yesterday just about killed me. I laid on the couch last night, watching TV with no knitting, and it was strange enough for the hubby to comment on it. There is a Sci-Fi marathon on tonight - Stargate all night - and I seriously doubt I'll be able to resist again. So I'm going to try knitting something in straight stockinette on small needles. That usually agrees with me. It's heavy yarn (steeked jacket) or manipulating stitches (lace shawl) that usually bugs me. We'll see.

What am I working on, you ask? The mate to this:

And when that's done - shouldn't take long, it was designed to be a fast knit - I'm thinking I could knit a plain baby sweater for the goober. Think knitted sweatshirt. With stripes of these:

Should look cool, with enough left over for socks for me. The pink is more superwash I dyed last night, along with the Cotton Candy.

It's funny how different fibers take up dye so differently. These were all dyed with the same freakin' dye. SAME DYE. Yet take a look. Even with the bad photography, you can see the superwash on the right is a lot brighter than the merino/silk blend on the left, and the silk/merino also seems a little bit bluer than the superwash. Speaking of, when it comes to what yarns I choose for what dye job, it often has to do with this - how the fibers take up the dye. For brights I use superwash, for subtle colors I use regular wool. I intend to keep experimenting with the silk/merino to see how it works. And I'm considering some alpaca/silk laceweight to experiment with.

And another Sekhmet you fucker. This one, she really is in trouble.

She's been sleeping in my cheapass light box (the one made with a cardboard box). I wondered why it seemed to be getting so dilapidated when I handled it carefully. Now I know. THE CAT HAS BEEN NESTING IN IT. When I went into my office for this shot, she was curled up in a happy little ball in there, but took off when she saw me. I grabbed for the camera, and this is what I wound up with.

Sekhmet, you fucker.


Hannah said...

A Stargate fan, too, huh? Can't for next Friday - new episodes! :-) BTW - I love that pink color. Always a sucker for pink. Happy Eater!

amy said...

I can't fathom how you're getting all this done with a kid. Maybe it's because I have two? They're ganging up on me today.

I'm SO sorry about your hand troubles. My fingers tend to get stiff when I DON'T knit. When I can't find the time to knit for a few days they start to ache. Handy excuse to ignore those ganging-up-on-me kids, I guess...

Lynn said...

question here.

how do you pronounce Sekhmet? sec (like second) met (like the Mets) ?

DONNA said...

Did you ever publish that sock pattern? It looks like something I could use for the whole family.

Julie said...

"Sekhmet" is pronounced with a k sound that's softer, almost a ch sound. That's what the h is doing in there. The English alphabet doesn't use the sound. 'SEK met', like you guessed, is close enough. There have been many hilarious mispronunciations over the years, including a neighbor kid who called her 'Semmet'.

The sock/footie pattern hasn't been posted, but I've been meaning to. Maybe I'll get to it tonight.

Amy Lane said...

Love that cat!!! And the sweater will be GORGEOUS!!! (And I REALLY hope the hand feels better... when my neck's too out of whack to knit, it feels like the world is out of alignment...)