Friday, April 13, 2007

Something a bit happier.

Let's talk about something happier than the last post, hmmm?

The other night, fearing that we were warping The Baby by not giving her dolls to play with, the husbeast and I took her to the toy store. We wandered the aisles, seeing what The Baby was interested in. Mostly she was interested in tools, dump trucks, and crayons. The only toy she howled about not keeping was a toy truck. (It's like looking in a mirror - guess what my first vehicle was?) At one point, I found a toy of gears meshed together and offered it to her. She took it and held it to her chest the whole way through the store.

The next morning, it took her about two minutes to figure it out.

It's so popular a toy that she has already lost a gear.

In some circles there is concern that the cat took the gear and is using it to produce a mechanical detonator for a nuclear warhead. I won't worry until the smoke alarm goes missing. (Smoke alarms have a small amount of radioactive material in them, used to detect smoke. It's a geek joke, people, work with me here.)

Yesterday in the mail, a darling little package came: A little baby halter and head scarf from CoffeeLady. I put it on the kiddo immediately.

I'm sorry to say I couldn't get her to leave the scarf on long enough to get a photo, but it matches the halter and is just as adorable. I'll try for another photo this weekend, when the husbeast is around to assist. It was hilarious, because she hasn't been in a halter since last summer (a long time ago for a kid who is a year and a half old), and she thought it felt funny. She'd wiggle her shoulders and then pat her chest, as if to say "Nothing on the back or shoulders... but there's fabric here..." It's a little loose, but the way she grows it will definitely fit by the end of summer. THANK YOU!

Thank you, everyone, for the input on the yarn and the stitch markers. I'm keeping track of the yarn names I didn't use, for inspiration later. There are some new yarns up in the shop - mostly lace weight for summer, but some more Mermaid Tail and Purple Trainwreck, too. When I was doing the last couple batches, I divided a skein of merino/silk sock yarn and dyed it with an eye to making myself some ankle socks out of it. The skein was supposed to be divided in half.

Call me crazy, but I don't think I got the two halves the same length. I may wind up with Purple Trainwreck With Pink Toes.

And one last shot: there are now two pieces (of six) of the Mystery Knit!

I usually knit when I'm stressed. This might get done soon!

Anyone seen an orange gear?


amy said...

I know, that long stretch of winter clothes! When my babies had shorts on for the first time each season they'd just sit there and pet their legs, all amazed that they were dressed yet still partly naked. Cute baby, cute halter!

barb outside boston said...

I bought my MIL magnetic Gearation (same basic thing) to put on her frig, obstensibly for the baby in the family, but we adults love it!
In re: last post--that does suck.

Anonymous said...

the navy thing sucks big time!
I think the baby takes after dad - she is going to be an engineer.

Laural said...

Well one thing will always be the same, you have one of the cutest babies in the world!

Bells said...

tee hee. What a cute muffin she is. Coffeelady is both clever and sweet.

Amy Lane said...

She is totally adorable--and isn't wearing spring stuff great after the long winter!!!