Thursday, April 05, 2007

This could be a problem.

One of the most annoying things about chronic pain (other than the obvious), is that you get used to ignoring pain. So used to it, that you ignore it even when you shouldn't. You know, when there's something wrong and you should do something about it? (Often the way I notice I need more painkillers is when I realize I'm grinding my teeth.) I've been having hand problems for about a week now, made worse Monday when I took a nap and woke up with my hand twisted up under my chin, unable to feel my fingers. I kept telling myself that not knitting anything heavy was good enough.

So last night I'm knitting away on the lace shawl and realize that not only do my hands hurt, but I can't quite make a fist with either one of them. (My left hand is also goofy, from doing extra stuff that the right hand can't do.) That was the first I'd noticed quite how much the knitting was bothering me, but once I started paying attention, I realized I was having quite a lot of trouble.

No knitting for the next couple days. Nothing else that uses fine motor skills like that either. (Don't mention typing. Don't. For one thing it's never really bothered me, and for another, if I have to give up the internet too, I will lose my freaking mind.) It would also do me some good to not do heavy lifting (like, say, thirty-five pound babies), but figure the odds of THAT happening.

All that leaves is yarn winding and dyeing to do. Shucks. I know you guys are heart-broken.

I've wound up all the Easter Egg Rainbow, including the skein I plan to keep.

I wound my skein into a little cake for easy stashing, and I've gotta say, when I look at the cake of yarn I feel like a freakin' genius.

Once the baby's down for her nap, I hope to wind up all the Purple Trainwreck, then I'm going to post it all over at Etsy, either late afternoon or tonight. That includes the coffee yarn and a single skein of neon experiment I'm calling "Technicolor Yawn".

Otherwise, who knows how much yarn I'm going to dye while I can't knit. Probably a lot. At the least I'll get it wound up for later.

Oh, and one last thing.

Sekhmet, you fucker.


April said...

That yarn is to dye for. It's gorgeous.

What's with "Sekhmet you fucker"? Who was the one that covered her up? Hmm? =)

I think the word we're looking for here is "busted."

ikkinlala said...

That yarn is beautiful!

Julie said...

I was laying under the blanket and she was laying on top of me and I sort of accidentally threw it over her when I got up. If she were a GOOD cat, she'd move because she's not supposed to be on that blanket.

Okay, okay, she's cute and I let her do it. Sheesh.

an said...

I am in the middle of a no-knitting break too. It is horrible. I've been waking up and my fingertips have been tingling & numb and I started getting these stabbing pains in my forearms.

And now, of course, all I can see are things that I really really want to knit. Like sweaters and lace, and fancy cables, and lots of beautifully coloured yarn that someone keeps dyeing.

Get better soon!

Fancy Pants said...

Julie (I just fought the urge to call you "Jules"), I'm sorry your have too much pain right now. Pain at all sucks but chronic pain that prevents you from doing the things you really enjoy, like knitting. Moving on...I want to eat your yarn cakes because they look so delicious. I am a big fan of the Cotton Candy yarn. Very beautiful.

deirdre said...

1. Hands must get well soon.

2. Yarn is abso-frigging-lutely gorgeous, and you are a genius.

3. Cat is adorable, and simply appreciates the comforts of life...

Amy Lane said...

Fucking cat... at least she's not playing in the yarn barf...

Sheepish Annie said...

Aw...Sekhmet! You make me smile. And want a nap very, very badly!

Nice job on the latest batch of yarn. You *are* a freakin' genius!

Hope the hands recover soon.

Pearls Mother said...

I love the yarn,
Yes, you are a genius!
Sekhmet is such a cute fucker.

Bells said...

she looks pretty warm and snug there. I'd be inclined to hop in with her.

Bugger about the no knitting - it's for the greater good though, right?? Think long term!!!

And cuddle the baby (without lifting her). That might pass some time.

That's gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.

Jejune said...

Can relate SO much, Julie - RSI in both hands is what stopped me knitting 20 years ago, and kept me away until Taph cajoled me into giving it a try again 18 months ago. I can knit, but I still have to be careful, and also have trouble noticing when the pain is too bad (I also have fibromyalgia, so pain is a constant companion).

I can only handle sock knitting by using casein DPNs - very bendy, but much less stressful. Cross stitch and crochet are what kill me nowadays, though - half an hour of either and I've had it for days.

So - I hope your hands and arms get the rest they need, despite 35 pound babies and bad cats!

The Easter Egg yarn is bloody brilliant, of course :)

HollyEQQ said...

I love that yarn!!

CoffeeLady said...

oh...You'd better take care of your hands, girl!! I can't even imagine not being able to knit (what would I do instead??). Loooove the yarn - how yummy looking is that? I just may have to lurk around Etsy for the next little while.... Happy Easter to you!

Ellen said...

That's pretty cool!

Ellen said...

Sorry... I didn't finish that comment... That yarn is pretty cool is what I meant... Also, that cat is extra-cute in this post!

Hilary said...

Love the yarn. It's making me want to try I need another distraction!

Not to repeat what you may have already heard, I only found your blog yesterday, but have you tried a brace for your wrists? I found that if I wore them for everything but showering and knitting the pain was gone within a week, as long as I didn't go overboard. Especially wear it while sleeping, as your experience indicates!

Good luck....Hope to see you around Charleston!

Terby said...

One word - ow.

Hope the rest does its thing quickly. Especially since I was about to e-mail you about meeting up in the very near future.

I adore your easter egg rainbow yarn.

Shelly Kang said...

Hey, I've had that problem off and on with my hands over the years. I consulted a doctor about it once or twice and was told to go to the drug store and get some wrist splints - the kind that velcro on. If you just wear them to bed, it keeps your wrist in a neutral position and helps them heal faster. It works for me.

Your yarn is pretty! I've done a little food-coloring dyeing in the past and after reading your recent article and now your blog, I've just ordered some more KnitPicks blanks to experiment some more. I'm knitting up a self-striping sock yarn I dyed a few months ago now, and I really wish I had access to some slightly higher-quality blank sock yarn. I asked you before, and I hope I'm not being terribly rude, but if you have any suggestions I would really appreciate them.

shellyk at shellykang dot com

susan said...

Sorry to hear about your wrists Julie, I can't even come close to imagining what it must be like but anything that stops you doing as you'd like is a total pissoff even without the accompanying chronic pain. I have however, indirectly benefited as I managed to score both PTT and Easter Egg Rainbow this morning. Woo hoo!

Tactical Grace said...

Is that one of those American Buffalo blankets that cost like, a bajillion dollars? It does kinda look like it...

And if it is, Sekhmet, you really are a fucker, not just a normal, arrogant cat.

Louiz said...

Hey, I know it's late to leave a comment, but I've been on holiday and catching up now - hope the hands are better (have you maybe tried heat treatment, like the rice pillows you can microwave for keeping necks warm?)