Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh yeah...

I was so thrilled with my books I forgot to mention a few things.

First, I have the cutest child in the entire world. (Just ask me. I'll tell you.)

I'm wearing the Ugly Socks. They're warm. (We're having a nasty storm system moving through right now.)

Sekhmet has been horribly traumatized by the grab-shake-throw incident the other night. (The dark blue on the bottom? That's a silk throw I knit a while ago. It's full of cat fur.)

And the sleeves of the Mystery Knit, which I thought were done, might be JUST A LITTLE TINY BIT TOO SHORT. (They're supposed to hang down over the hands. Ha.) This is probably why I thought I had extra yarn.


barb outside boston said...

I LOVE Alton Brown.
My children love him, too, and would have even eaten lobster after seeing his lobster episode, if we had happened to have some RIGHT THEN.
Nice Baby shot.
Poor Sekhmet- you're clearly SO MEAN to her-
And perhaps your arms are freakishly long from carrying around The Baby? And now they'll shrink back? No? then happy knitting; can't wait to see everything you have cooking!

Bells said...

The Baby looks so damn happy. What a bouncy little bundle of joy.

Um, where is the weight gain of which you speak?? You don't look fat!

Bells said...

ps they're the nicest looking ugly socks. :-)

pps the suspense is killing me on the secret knitted item.

Catie said...

okay, well no one else has asked about why baby is the cutest so I will - why is your kid so cute?

Julie said...

Because she's MINE, of course!!

Catie said...

ah right, duh. she is really cute

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Awww, she is cute!

Amy Lane said...

3/4 sleeves are terribly fashionable right now...I really think that's the way to go!! non-walker is about to strew the kitchen wieth juice boxes after dumping out three loads of laundry... yeah...walking is overrated...

Julie said...

See, my kid did all this stuff already. Two months ago, she CRAWLED over to the kitchen counter, pulled herself up, STOOD ON TIP-TOES, and got food coloring off the counter that I was using to dye yarn. She squirt it all over the floor and herself.

She was also climbing onto kitchen chairs and eighter getting her legs stuck in the rungs or else trying to go from there to the kitchen table, about four months ago.

The only difference now is, I don't have to carry the little booger.

PS, the weight gain is on my boobs and butt. I have the Tits From Hell.

Jejune said...

May have issues with you about who has the cutest child in the world... I've had 18 and nearly-16 years to make sure, and am pretty sure it's my two ;) SO nice when they're out of nappies and are independent - it keeps getting better! Best moment was last year when my son came home with new shoes he'd bought by himself with money he'd earned himself. YES (punches air)!!

Hope Sekhmet is getting over the trauma - silk should just about do it.

And damn and bugger about the short sleeves 0_o Do you have to unravel?