Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The vacation in photos.

Not that I was around for much of it... I was asleep. The in-laws are stopping here Friday on their way from All Points South to All Points North and I will attempt to skim the photos off my father-in-law's camera while they're here. They always get the best shots of The Baby (probably because they're willing to snap ten thousand photos and I lose patience after a couple funny ones).

Where we stay is an apartment that's been in the husbeast's family for a while now. In fact, we stopped there on our way to and from Key West, on our honeymoon, so the place has good memories for us. It's right on the Atlantic,

with the Intercoastal Waterway running behind it.

The area has been a resort for about a hundred years, give or take, but has avoided becoming overdeveloped. About twenty years ago, two high rises were built (the one in the photo, and the one I was standing in to take the photo). Soon after people realized that wasn't a good idea and passed building codes to keep any more from being built. So it's a lovely area of little cottages and small motels and the occasional mansion.

Every spring, the town to the south, Daytona, holds something called Bike Week, during which bikers from all over the country, Canada, and even overseas, come to party and ride around and see and be seen. Estimates this year said there were about half a million bikers there. (Yes. Half a million.) It's quite a destination event. We wound up there kind of by accident. The in-laws were there for the month of March and this was just the time that worked out for us to go down to visit.

The husbeast went to work Monday, and had a conversation something like this:
"What did you do this weekend?"
"Went to Daytona for Bike Week."
"Bastard. How'd you find a room?"
"The family owns an apartment there."
"BASTARD!", anyway, we bought tee shirts and all that stuff. Here's a photo of a motorcycle the husbeast took, so you can feel a part of things.

The plants were starting to bloom,

pretty sure that's oleander.

And The Baby spent most of her time in the pool:

When I was awake, I worked on the shawl.

Still no sign of the new yarn OR the swift. I'm starting to get irritated.


Bells said...

i half expected a photo of The Baby with a mocktail in her hand by the pool. he he he

The husbeast is a biker? Cool.

You're lucky Dolores didn't come after him.

Rae said...

Oh the baby looks so happy! Don't you love that crinkled up giggly look? Just too adorable.

My LYS said the swift company they normally order from is backordered for over two months. I don't know how many companies make the things, but people are having to wait for them. Hope yours shows up soon.

You know, I've noticed that the word verification on your blog is interminably long. Much longer than on other blogs. I wonder if it's because you get a lot of comments. Or maybe it's because blogger has targeted you (joke).

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm a closet bike-freak...don't tell anyone or it'll just ruin my upstanding image. (but I have a limited edition Harley Davidson 100th anniversary jacket and I wear it with pride!) Thanks for the visual. I felt like I was there for just a minute!

barb outside boston said...

That looks like a really nice vacation area--congratulations in marrying into a family with super real estate!

Amy Lane said...

NOTHING worse than waiting for a propeller beanie in the mail that doesn't come...

I've got to say, as someone who watches CSI Miami on occassion, I was fairly impressed that your Miami looks a lot like the same one on television:-) I love babies in pools:-)

KnitTech said...

The baby looks too cute. Which pattern are you using for the shawl?