Monday, March 19, 2007

Hey! What's that?

Could it be.... A SOCK?

YES! I have finally finished the damned SOCK! (And now we know what the single-color dip-dyes look like when knit up!) The best part of all is, my kitchen scale says that the sock weighs 22g and the ball of remaining yarn (to the left of my toe)weighs 23g. So I can knit another one! Eeeee! A pair of socks!

I'm so excited I might post the pattern. 'Cause obviously it's so complicated.

The Easter Egg Rainbow is done.

I screwed up when I dyed it, so the pink part is longer than any of the others. It will probably knit up with a pink stripe, then a rainbow-jumble stripe about twice as wide as the pink, then another pink stripe. I really, really want to keep this for myself.

There's Mermaid Tail soaking in my sink, and skeins of yarn hanging everywhere to dry... I kinda like it. Feels all arty.

Tomorrow, a pink dip-dye. Like the aqua sock, only pink.

But for today, I'm gonna work on my scarf. And maybe the arm of the steeked jacket. Can't have you guys getting past me. (Especially since I need to knit ahead to have examples to show you for directions.)

Oh. And The Baby has learned to play the drums on her high chair. I imagine it will get old, FAST, but for now, it's cute.


Crafty Jester said...

The sock is so cute! Is that the superwash yarn?

As for the Easter Egg Rainbow: Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I adore the bright colors. When will it and the new Mermaid Tail or even a new Raspberry Ripple or Purple Trainwreck be in your shop?

You may have a beatnick Baby on your hands. Can't you just picture it? The Baby on 'bongos' while the cat rhapsodizes in haiku in a trance-like meow.

"World domination...
..kitty treats and handknit nests
in endless supply...

Bev said...

Love the Easter Egg Rainbow! The bright colors are great.

Lana said...

great sock.
I LOVE the rainbow yarn too. The colors are pretty.

Bells said...

great sock. I'm impressed that you could achieve such even striping!

bongo baby....he he

Anonymous said...

Awesome sock! Awesome yarn! You're the bestest knitter and dyer I know.

I love Crafty Jester's idea of world domination in song. They're obviously bringing it up to a new level. God help you.

Trish J.

Jejune said...

The sock looks brilliant, very lovely colour and *gasp* such even stripes! How DO you do it? ("SKILL spelt L-U-C-K" is what my dear cynical teenagers could say, LOL!).

Your baby and my son should get together (he's 18 and plays electric bass & guitar. Loud). The perfect team!

Amy Lane said...

Yaaayayyy!!! The sock is done... (I know how those little projects can just weigh on you...) Your dye spacing ROCKS, and the Easter Egg stuff is awesome!!! I haven't started knitting with my yarn yet--I just wave it around at people and say, "She did it all with food dyes!!!"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn! and the baby is a cutie.
I haven't done anything with the sock yarn I bought from you yet except ball it and admire. The gift lace weight is on the needles. I'm making the Estonian Garden shawl and WOW! It's going to be gorgeous.
The lighter colors are just perfect for the pattern.

ikkinlala said...

So pretty!

ang said...

So does this mean my Tangled Garden socks can finally be made?
My little toes are getting colder with each letter I type!!!!