Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring, sleeves, and evil cats.

The promise of spring that erupted with the pollen count has finally paid off. It's lovely outside; low humidity, 78 degrees, light breeze, low humidity. (In the 'Low Country' - swamp - where I am, this lasts for approximately five minutes, then we are hit with crippling humidity, high temperatures, and mosquitos until October.) I've got all the windows open, the ceiling fans on, and am admiring the flowers. I should get a photo of those flowers...

In between sighing happily out the window, wrestling The Baby, and trying to keep the cat from falling through the screens, I've gone back to this:

Yup. Second sleeve. I hadn't touched it in literally a month, but fortunately I'd left it in a place where I could figure out what was going on. Not only do I need to get this done for the steek-along so that I can use photos of knitting it to tell YOU how to knit it, I try to work on only one sweater at a time, and this is the one sweater. I desperately want to finish it so I can start on something else. (Like a new design to sell, or the Snug pattern for winter Knitty.)

Anyway, after about a half hour of trying to figure out what I was doing, and a half hour of knitting (and a half hour of chatting on the phone), I've got this:

The husbeast, amused at SekhmetYouFucker the other night, snapped another photo for your enjoyment - me trying to use my laptop.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make up a grocery list, and keep on knitting. (Though I'll probably wind up playing Civ4.)


Bells said...

oh I love it. Sekhmet's full name has become SekhmetYouFucker. Brilliant.

You're using DPNs on the sleeve. I thought that sounded too hard. I might give it a try. Would it be foolish to cast on the sleeve before I've finished the body, just to feel like I'm caught up? Hm...I think it would.

I have an image of you sighing out the window like Scarlet O'hara. Don't ask why. It just sounds like something ladies in the south do.

Julie said...

Once I get about halfway up the sleeve I switch from DPNs to a sixteen inch (uh... 40cm? About?) circular to finish. I would rather use DPNs than the really really short circular needed to do the cuffs. Remember, one of the reasons I think this is easy is because I'm used to knitting lace on DPNs and in comparison this IS easy.

To each their own. If it doesn't unravel, you did it right.

Anonymous said...

Out-of-sync comment re books: as a knitting book junkie, my 2-cents worth is, I know you can't have forgotten it, but do mention Mary Thomas's Knitting Book! a treasure - well indexed, well illustrated, in depth instructions & topics - well worth having, and inexpensive! Lurking Lilly

barb outside boston said...

Would love to see Baby in the Flowers

Julie said...

I'd love Baby in the flowers photos too, but we have fire ants. Ugh.

Kristen said...

The snow just melted today. TODAY. (eastern ontario)

I'll miss the winter because yeah, mosquitoes. And they don't die in October up here. The cold doesn't faze them, not until there's a 3-day deep freeze.

Also, people in this part of Canada don't have a long enough summer to warrant air conditioners, so even though it's only maybe a month long, it'll be a month of NO SLEEP.


MrsFife said...

Sekhmet isn't evil!
Crippling humidity, high temperatures and mosquitoes till October? You sure you aren't living next door to us?