Wednesday, March 07, 2007


In a Jeep, not a jet plane.

Everything's packed and we're heading out. I'll be doing some remote blogging, but not a lot, so don't think I'm dead or anything. Brace for an innundation of new readers when Knitty goes live, probably this afternoon or tomorrow.

I'm glad everyone who has gotten yarn is liking it. When I get home, I'm making more. Heehee. Mostly dip dyes like Purple Trainwreck and Round Rainbow. I've got some other ideas up my sleeve, too. (Striping yarn, one fairly solid colored stripe and one of random colors.)

There was mention of allergies in the comments. Oh yes, I have them. It's been an ongoing thing since childhood. The problem is, I hate most of the modern drugs for one reson or other. Steroids are bad news for me. The three years of pneumonia in Hawaii were caused in part by a steroid inhaler for my asthma. The year I finally avoided pneumonia was the year I'd quit using it. Ditto for steroids and my sinus infections. Last year I tried a new time-release oral steroid for allergies the doctor suggested and wound up with a two month sinus infection. I'm refusing to try any more. I stick with regular antihistimines now and in the normal scheme of things I do pretty good. It was The Baby coughing snot into my eyes, literally, that did me in this time. Little shit.

Oh, and a Great Aragorn Moment. You're free to come up with your own.

Aragorn on Weathertop, kicking ringwraith butt and looking smokin' hot. Mmmm. Leather pants.


Suzann said...

mmmmmmmmmm Aragon. A new color line Julie, Scruffy. Sort of Aragon colored.
Have a great trip

lisamaesc said...

Just wait until The Baby becomes The Teenager....hehehehe

Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said...

I enjoyed your article in Knitty. I grew up in Charleston, good luck with the culture shock (it's partly why I left).

Barb Outside Boston said...

Yes, I would think a greeny elven-cloak-y color would be great. Especially in lace-weight!
I realize I haven't had enough Aragorn lately; I may need to get out the DVDs.

Sandy said...

As far as Aragorn goes any moment is good for me!

Alwen said...

Did you see the socks CoffeeLady has been knitting out of leftovers from the Purple Trainwreck?

Look, baby socks!

Anonymous said... there's a man!

Amy Lane said...

mmmm...Aragorn... and I finally saw the article and it ROCKED ROCKED ROCKED...seriously...made me want to buy some of those little bottles and go to town... (except, well, at the moment we only assume we have a kitchen table because there's crap on top of's a faith thing.)