Thursday, March 01, 2007

Knitty project teaser.

Almost done with phase one.

What is it, you ask?

Wait and see.

This photo is mostly posted to prove I am knitting something.


Bells said...

Duh. It's a carpet snake. Any fool can see that!

Catie said...

it is going to be a felted bandana!

Amy Lane said...

It's an introductory mat for a colorblind oscar winner.

MrsFife said...

a. Hammocky thing, maybe for hanging yarn
b. a version of calorimetry for people with loooong heads
c. boa constrictor (or should that be python? Whichever snake swallows its victims whole).

Barb Outside Boston said...

Look at that shaping--it's CLEARLY a cummerbund!

Barb Outside Boston said...

To go back in the archives:
I got the Sp/Sum 06 VK out of the library to look at while reading your hilarious commentary. You are so right on!
When you wrote this:

26. An entirely crocheted COAT in umpteen colors. I repeat. Is this Vogue Crochet? And it's by Brandon Mably for Rowan, so you'd have to take out a loan to pay for the yarn. I quote, "Haute coture and crochet go hand in hand." Somebody tell Grandma. My head hurts too bad to laugh this hard.

I read the description in the mag and read "Mably's ripple-stitch disaster"
Oh, that was "duster".

Hoping a customer pays today so I can get that Hawaii-named lace-weight!

Alwen said...

[crinkles forehead]
I want to see the back!

KnitTech said...
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KnitTech said...

It's a willie warmer.

... way to take it too far Knittech!

Louiz said...

No... Its a bed for Sekhmet to sit on... and The Baby to try and run away with, of course!