Monday, March 05, 2007


Amy over at "A Yarning to Write" has done a post-Oscar movie rundown of our favorites. Since I talk about books way more than movies around here, I thought it'd be fun to share mine. So here we go.

1. What are your top 3 Good Movies:
Lord of the Rings, director's cuts. (Hey. They won a shitload of Oscars. They're based on a Great Book. They're good movies, even if they are popular.)
Out of Africa
All the Abbot and Costello movies. Maybe not 'good' but certainly classic. Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy is probably the best of that lot.

2. What are your top 3 'Bad Movies': Really hard to narrow it to three...
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Triple X (ah, the soundtrack)
The Italian Job (remake version with Marky Mark)

3. #1 Quoted Movie: Bull Durham. Or Triple X. Or possibly Holy Grail. Or maybe the Pirates movies. We quote a lot of movies around here. And cartoons.

4. Favorite Action Movie: Bad Boys 2. Which also gets quoted a lot. ("Woosah." "Damn the woosah!")

5. Favorite Romance: Bull Durham ("He fucks like he pitches. Real fast and all over the place.")

6. Favorite Weeper: I'm not big on weepers. Out of Africa is about it.

7. Favorite director: Pete Jackson

8. Top "Good Movie" moment: The cavalry charge, when Rohan comes to save Gondor, "Return of the King."

9. Top 3 "Bad Movie" moments:
The Holy Hand Grenade, Holy Grail
"It goes to eleven" scene, Spinal Tap
"Why are you burning the rum??" scene, Pirates of the Caribbean 1

10. Top 3 Movie Quotes:
"Women don't wanna be cute. We wanna be exotic and mysterious." Bull Durham (also contains a shitload of baseball quotes good for when watching games - it's fun to yell them in a crowd and see who gets the joke "LOLLYGAGGERS!")
"It was only a Corvette." Triple X (Also, "Don't be a dick, Dick." and others.)
"Are you lookin at ME?" (I think) Raging Bull
Most of Grosse Pointe Blank can be quoted, too. "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork." "Psychopaths kill people for fun. I kill people for money. Wait. that didn't come out right."

11. Top favorite movie in the last 2 years:
Aeon Flux and Ultra Violet both amused me.


Catie said...

hilarious - tonight I post my list (got to do homework like stuff right now) - question: the "bad movie" part I'm guessing doesn't refer to movies we don't like eh?

Julie said...

I interpreted "bad movies" to mean movies we know are crap but love anyway. Amy may have meant it differently.

April said...

Grosse Point Blank - one of my top five favorite movies.

amy said...

I love John Cusack. I don't watch enough movies to come up with a whole list, but just had to add my most-often quoted movie: The Sure Thing.

Ooh, goody, Cheetos in Albuquerque...

Lynn said...

Great movie memories!

The 'You talkin to me' bit is from Taxi Driver.

Amy Lane said...

I'm sorry I was so vague--but Julie interpreted the 'Bad Movie' thing right on the nose...

I work w/a bunch of English Teaching snobs...if it ain't Oscar, it ain't worth seeing...(And as someone who named her daughter "Arwyn Star", I can't believe I forgot about the LOR only excuse is that they're practically a genre unto themselves:-0

Barb Outside Boston said...

Yes Amy, LOTR movies are a genre unto themselves--my favorite moment is the first time we see Strider in The Prancing Pony--those eyes!

Julie said...

Oh, we could have a Great Aragorn Moments meme all to itself.

How about when he shoves into the main hall at the fort in Rohan, back from the dead to tell them they were in big trouble?

Or any moment in Rivindell where he was smokin' hot?

Mmmmmm. Aragorn. I think it's the leather pants. And the scruff.

shelley said...

No quotes from "blazing saddles"?
how about "them shnizengrubins can wipe you out" or
"...these are people of the land, the common clay of the new west, you know.......morons." or
"my name is jim but you can call me....jim" or
It just goes on and on...

And top 2 movies - how about john forythe's 'Local Hero'

Amy Lane said...

Okay...Julie needs to do the LOR meme...mmmmmmm....Aragorn... (and, of course, my little bad-boy thang for Boromir...choices choices...)