Monday, March 19, 2007

Gross Commercialism.

There were questions. Honest. I'm trying to keep the business part of the shop (as opposed to 'Hey, look, cool yarn!' photos) to a minimum since this is supposed to be an area of fun and idea sharing, not filthy lucre. But THERE WERE QUESTIONS!

I normally only do sock weight (still experimenting with superwash, Peruvian Mystery Sheep, and Merino, so they vary), and a bit of Merino lace weight. Occasionally, worsted weight sneaks in because I like to experiment with it. If you're interested in any weight, up to bulky, or any other kind of animal fiber like alpaca or silk or whatever, e-mail me and we'll discuss cost and such. (In fact I'm looking for a good source for alpaca yarn to dye - anybody got any ideas?) Don't be bashful. I like doing special orders because they're ideas I wouldn't have otherwise, and I try to kep costs down and will do shipping for free to blog readers.

These days I'm going to post yarn to my shop as I finish it, but I have to print out some more labels, so it's likely the Easter Egg and Mermaid Tail (and another two-stripe wonder I'm calling 'Zoomie') will get posted tomorrow. Unfortunately, the other eight tons of yarn I've dyed in the last two days is already spoken for. (At least for now. Special orders get a month to pay for them, then I put them in the shop.)

Thank you, and back to our regularly scheduled knitting, bitching, and book discussions. (I got an interesting book in the mail today.... we'll talk tomorrow. Heeheehee.)

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Amy Lane said...

I'm dyin'--you know I love your book talk!!! (Was it the new Harlot? Charlene Schurch? C'mon...a little hint...)