Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday in Florida.

And I'm sick, probably from these stupid drugs. (Beats pneumonia. Keep telling me.) On my way out of town Wednesday, the doctor I'd seen at the doc in the box on MONDAY actually called to see how I was feeling! I must have been sicker than I thought. Haha.

There was a question in the comments about the dye article. To paraphrase, am I using the Wilton's icing colors that have sugar in them? Yes, I am. That's one of the reasons I'm dissolving them in hot water first. There isn't enough sugar to be noticeable, that I've found. No stickiness, etc. I'm half-heartedly looking for a restaurant supply place in my town that sells regular old food coloring dyes by the pint, but so far, no luck. (In an ideal world, I'd be able to buy blue 3, red 5, or whatever, in an un-messed-with state, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work that way.) I'm also going to try the airbrush food colorants soon, the ones used by cake decorators. I'll keep y'all posted as the experiments unfold.

I'm still working on the shawl and the blue dip-dyed sock. I've begun reading while working on the shawl and have only screwed up once (I either dropped a yarnover or never made it in the first place). I had this conversation with my mother-in-law yesterday while we were both knitting:
Me: "Darn it, I can't find the mistake!"
Her: "Maybe it's perfect. You do that."
Me: "It can't be perfect, there's a stitch missing."
Her: "Heeheehee."

I've done nothing but sleep, eat, and knit since I got here. The in-laws are watching the baby during naps and otherwise keeping her entertained; at the moment she's out for a walk with grandpa. It's awesome. Whoever thinks the dad/mom/2.5 kids family plan is ideal, is full of shit. Extended family is where it's at.

Today I order yarn, so it's waiting for me to dye when I get home. Is there anything better than buying yarn while on vacation? I don't think so.


KnitTech said...

That is an excellent vacation. You might even recover.

Laural said...

I hope you get some relief from being sick while you are on vacation! Happy knitting and please take lots of pics!

Barb Outside Boston said...

Yes, extended family rocks!
I keep telling my husband, if we ever split up, I get his family!
I'm so sorry you still feel lousy, though.
Do you think we'll get a pic of The Baby walking with grandpa?

Bells said...

so the question begs, when do you, the baby and the husbeast move in with the in-laws? LOL!

Sheepish Annie said...

Pneumonia would be worse...but that doesn't mean you still don't feel crappy. Hope you get better soon.

I'm a big fan of extended family! My grandmothers gave me as much of the life skill and wisdom and my own mom and dad. As well as about a billion knitting needles and a super-cool swift!

B said...

Thanks for the dye clarification. I picked up some wilton's and I'm trying purple tonight. Enjoy the extended family!