Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Possible Dolores sighting.

I downloaded the camera and this is certainly the most interesting of the lot. I'm almost POSITIVE that was Dolores I saw ducking into that strip bar. You have to zoom in to really see it. I added the red arrow to help you out.


Franklin said...

I confronted her with this and she says it wasn't her, but that you may have found Victorine, who fled the Canadian winter with a biker she met through Craigslist. If you see her again, Dolores would like you to pass along the message that she wants her Che Guevara underpants back NOW.

(Don't blame me, I'm just telling you what she said.)

barb outside boston said...

Anyone who doesn't read the comments on this blog is really missing some fun!
(Well, except for mine)

Bells said...

you got a comment from Franklin!!! You're famous now Julie.

i swear Dolores needs to do a trip down under. I'd introduce to a sheep or two!

KnitTech said...

You know sheep, anything for a thrill. Be happy Dolores isn't at your house plotting with the Baby and Sekhmet!

Alwen said...

And those poor guys -- here they thought you were taking the picture of them!