Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goals and lamentations.

March. In like a lion and out like a lamb. Or as I'm thinking right now, "Where in hell did January and February go??!!?"

I've got nothing to show for February but a pair of socks. That's all I did. Well. And dyed some yarn. Dyed a good bit of yarn, lots experimentally. Though I'll have trouble charging what I should to get back the time and money invested in it. I used a whole bottle of red dye on what I'm calling 'Round Rainbow'. You remember. This one.

Incidentally, it looks like this now:

I'm going to include the just-out-of-the-dyepot photo when I sell it so people have some idea what it will look like.

Anyway. I blame the lack of accomplishment for February on one thing: The new computer and Civilization 4. I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done, but by golly, I destroyed the Zulus the other night. Unfortunately that doesn't count for a whole hell of a lot in the real world.

March 7, I am due in Florida to visit with the in-laws and let the Baby have time with them. I plan to go if she's well, even if I'm still sick unless I think I'm contaigous. (There will be remote blogging from Florida, though probably not a lot.) Before I leave I need to finish the Knitty Project that's due March 15 (I can't finish it there. Can't tell why). While I'm there I can write the pattern and do a photo shoot on the beach, then come home and do graphics and shoot it off.

This means, of course, sitting down on my ass and actually knitting on the damn thing.

After that, I need to finish the second sleeve of the Steeked Jacket. Then knit up some of the rest of the yarn piled in The Closet from Hell. I'm thinking lacey tunic type thing out of the twelve balls of lavender cotton. Then I can sell the pattern. Oh, and dye some yarn.

Now that I've got some spending money, I'm starting to like it.

Oh, and play with this:

And I've already blown it on 'Year of Me' (sort of) and 'knit from your stash'. I shopped. Kind of. I pulled "Neon Flamingo" out of inventory on the shop yesterday, and wound it up.

I'm thinking the Half Round shawl from "Victorian Lace Today" would be good. I could wear it in 'between weather' and even wrap it over my head if I needed to. I've never worn a shawl before, but I've got a cape I like and I've vowed to start dressing more like a grownup. Or at least, not like a slob. (I really miss the days of grunge being 'in'. It's the only time in my life I looked stylish.)

Never mind that there are two weddings in the family coming up, and if I'm gonna knit lace it should be doilies for gifts, out of The Box of crochet cotton.

Nope, not gonna think about it.

Lace weight yarn is up over in the shop. I'll be adding the sock yarn today. Depending on how sick I am today and tomorrow, it may not get shipped until Saturday morning. Sorry about that.


debsnm said...

I wondered what happened to that yarn! Be sure and post pics when you've finished. (And MAKE MORE!!!)

Amy Lane said...

okay...I logged on the the Etsy site looking for some sockyarn, and I damn near almost bought the rampaging grape...but then you said you're going to post the sockyarn and I'm sort of doing yarn penance so I'll just have to wait. It is SO not fair. (You know--dying yarn is an art and a craft--it is considered being productive in the fiber arts, and the fact that it's mildly lucrative can only be a plus...)

Julie said...

You're more than welcome to buy the laceweight. Don't let me stop you. I'm afraid I'll pull the rest of it out of stock and hoard it in the yarn closet.

Catie said...

if you post a picture on the etsy site as an example of what the yarn knits up as then I'd label it as a work expenditure and not a violation of knit from your stash.

Laural said...

Oh I love your yarn. I really really want fire but the money holder said that I can't buy it until next Thursday. He's mean.

Sekhmet looks just like my Potter (minus the short crooky manxy stubbie tail) but Potter doesn't mess with my crafties. The devil dog however insists on sitting directly on the strand of yarn that I am using.

CoffeeLady said...

Love the Round Rainbow! Must have it on my needles!!! Hope you'll make more - I'm leaving town and it will no doubt be gone by the time I come back....
The baby is just looking cuter and cuter every day!

Amy Lane said...

no, posted the sock yarn and I snapped Remains of the Day right on up... I'll save the lace weight for my next jones...

Sandy said...

love the rainbow!

Bells said...

ok, one last attempt at posting them I'm giving up. My comment has vanished twice.

In essence:

Want rainbow yarn now.

Baby is a cutie.

Alwen said...

Baby is looking toddler-ish, now that someone mentioned it! Kids, they sure grow fast when you are watching them! Next thing you know, you'll have to call her The Teenager. [running and ducking]

Sarah said...

So my etsy acct fot fubared, grr, and I dont have your email address, soo, comments it is. I would like superwash wool please and 1 skein, I think I'll be tight but if I swatch then undo swatch I might be okay, if not I'll just buy more, I'm more of a fraternal than an identical twin person. I already have a set of identical twins taking a nap at the moment, I hope.

ladybhuidhe at gmail dot com