Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brother, can you spare a purple frog?

I need one of THESE,

NOT one of these:

I need the purple frog for THIS!!!
Yes, it is done. I finally got fed up and whip-stitched the selvedges of the sleeves together. It doesn't look half bad but the sleeve seams are bulky. Screw it. It's done. It is now sitting on a towel drying, because I attempted to block it last night. Blocking was about half successful. I'm afraid those armhole openings are too small.

But it's DONE!!

Now while it dries (I think I've got about three days while that happens), I need to find a purple frog closure for the front. I have tried to knit one repeatedly, with no success. (No, I did not cry, thankyouverymuch.) The baby and I may go out later today to try to find one at the fabric store.

While I was hot on finishing stuff last night, I got busy and finished the front of the Tax Sweater. That's right, I now have TWO sweaters sitting around here, waiting for finishing. And the Tax Sweater has HEMS and crap, it's not going to be fast and simple. (Well, apparently the finishing on the Kid Kimono wasn't fast and simple either, BUT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.) So now I have two sweaters staring me in the face, waiting for hems and facings and frogs and side seams, and... and...

The yarn for the Georgina sweater calls out to me. "Forget that hem crap, let's KNIT!"

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