Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finally done.

It took me four hours to make (I-cord) and sew down my own purple frog, but I did it. Thank goodness for Stargate Monday. (Michael Shanks. Eye candy. Yum, yum.) I was so happy it was done, I shoved it in it's mailing envelope and sealed it up without ever getting a picture. Whoops. But it's done. I swear. Today it goes to the Post Office, if I have to load up the baby and take her along. (And I probably will have to.)

What with ditching the wrap AGAIN, now I'm down to two projects: Tax Sweater in finishing (no, the shoulders still aren't sewn up, but tonight I'm going to try the revolutionary idea of BASTING THEM FIRST), and Georgina on the needles. (I started it in a fit of joy yesterday after the Kid Kimono was done. Baby sweaters go lightning fast, don't they? I've already got a sleeve done and the body's started, and this is with adding in intarsia two-color spots.) This is how I prefer to do things. I can poke at the finishing and switch to the knitting when I get frustrated.

I've got a lot of other stuff 'in development', but a list of that would be embarrassing.

Turoe is still languishing. Well, sort of languishing. I said I wasn't doing it until the Christmas knitting was done, so I'm kind of holding to that. (Mainly because the montly yarn budget is currently getting spent on Christmas present yarn.)

Anyway. It's a happy day. Even though I forgot my pain pills off and on for the last three weeks (NOTE: If you're supposed to take a medication EVERY DAY, it really works better when you take it, EVERY DAY.) and now I feel like I've got rabid squirrels chewing my hand off. But the Kid Kimono is done. I'm happy. I swear it.

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