Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scarf ahoy.

I finally got the pictures of the Watery Llama downloaded from the camera. Here it is, in all it's reversible glory:
The scarf was inspired by the project in this article, though mine is not so fine in terms of materials or execution. I tried for the ripply effect, though, and kind of got it... not bad for just making it up off the top of my head.

The pattern is available here, should anyone feel the need to knit it. The yarn was yummy, a Peruvian wool/llama concotion available at Elann. (Hence the llama name.) It was very very soft from the llama hair. It was strange, you could see guard hairs and wild hairs and who knew what sticking out of the yarn and expect it to feel like barbed wire, but when you touched it, it was softer than most wool. (Really really high quality merino IS softer, but not much else is.)

Someday when I have spare time I might knit myself one.

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