Monday, April 24, 2006

Some cool stuff. And some not so cool.

None of it having much of anything to do with knitting, exactly. Sorry. If you're here for fiber, skip on down.

Discover Science is doing a new series called "What the Anciencts Knew", discussing the technological abilities of different cultures through history. Different shows focus on different cultures, starting tonight with the Greeks. Listings available here.

Seed Magazine has a new web site, here. While it's not immediately related to knitting, there are some very cool photos and graphics that could be used as the basis of some kind of color or even cable pattern. Remember the DNA cable scarf? Lots of new possibilities here. This would make a kickass start to some kind of color pattern. Inspiration is where you find it. I only wish I had time to knit up all my ideas.

Last night/early this morning (my child is teething, I'm up at all hours lately), I watched King Arthur. (Mainly because I flashed past with the remote and caught Ioan Gruffudd sitting about looking droolable in black leather and a beard. See photo at left, and don't drool into your keyboard, it'll short out.) Anyway. The last half hour of the movie is pretty dismal, reminding me of what Pete Jackson once called 'battle fatigue' -- enough hacking and screaming, and the audience zones out, never to return. I'm a fan of battle scenes, but a half hour is a bit much. The happy ending was pretty revolting, too. And I never enjoy seeing my boy Ioan get an arrow to the chest. I guess I'll stick to the REAL Arthur legend, and the only good movie ever made of it:

Other than the chain mail hanging off Arthur's crown, every bit of 'mail' in the movie is garter stitch with silver paint on it. You gotta love knitting.

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TrishJ said...

OMG, those dudes are OLD! We gotta find you some real men to drool over....