Thursday, April 27, 2006


Spring/Summer storms have begun here in the Southeast of North America. They started with a bang, crash, and nine-hour power outage last night. Great fun. (I know, nine whole hours without power. I'm sure some of you are snickering.) I don't mind being without power so much, because I've got knitting and reading to keep me busy, but the husbeast gets a little stir crazy. Okay. A lot stir crazy. He went out for a drive last night while it was raining horizontally, because there was nothing else to do. (And does it make me strange, that horizontal rain in my face makes me homesick for Hawaii?)

Unfortunately the storm hit as I was halfway through a row on the Poppies swatch, and it was the first knitting I'd done all day... I may be nuts but I'm not knitting by flashlight. So we went to bed early and I feel almost human today, but there's no new knitting to admire.

The baby found the whole darkness idea mildly weird, I think. There was no freaking out, just some curious staring around with a confused look on her face, like "Darn, I SWEAR I could see just a minute ago..." To keep her entertained I gave her a mini Krill Light, and it's now her favorite toy. Of course.

This long, rambling monologue is basically to say that there's no knitting to discuss at this time. Georgina languishes on the needles, the Tax sweater is thrown over the back of my office futon waiting arm and neck facings (though I did wash it and it has some drape now like it is supposed to), and the Poppies swatch sits on the couch, looking a little too orange for my taste.

Always exciting at my house.

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