Monday, April 10, 2006

I am a horrible person.

When I was a little girl, I did a lot of crafts, mostly painting and collage. I would have this great vision in my head of JUST how I wanted my project to turn out, and when it didn't (it never did), I would cry. (Yes, it is a miracle I lived to adulthood. I have thanked my mother for putting up with me.)

I tell myself that I have gotten over this and am going easier on myself and my projects.

It's a lie.

I have been working on finishing the Kid Kimono for two weeks now. (Three? Seems like years.) I have sewn the sleeves several times, and torn it back out again. There was no crying involved, but I am starting to see the perfectionist tendencies of my childhood resurfacing (you think?). There's a kid in New York dying to get this sweater, and I will bet you fifty dollars that she doesn't give a rat's ass how the sleeves are sewn up, or even if they're sewn at all. I need to get over this and finish the blasted sweater.

Since I tend to work hard to meet goals that I post here, I'm posting a goal now: I'm going to do the finishing on the Kid Kimono one last time tonight, and then PUT IT IN THE MAIL. (Maybe with a quick wash and block in between, but you get the idea.) Tonight. Kimono done. Goal. Getting to work now. ('Cause once that's done it should be just about time to get all perfectionist on the finishing of the Tax Sweater.)


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really horrible