Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A few thoughts on Kaffe Fassett

My main thought is, the man is stark, raving mad.

I'm looking at doing one of his simpler patterns, to sort of celebrate the first couple months of Project Spectrum (what other designer could be more appropriate for Project Spectrum?) and work with combining colors, which is my own personal interest. (And maybe score a sweater for myself in all this knitting.) I'm also seeing it as a test - can I concentrate on color knitting with a kid in the house?

The pattern in question is fairly simple, and is based on two groups of colors, background and foreground. I thought, shoot, I could do that, right? I do two-color knitting all the time. So I ordered a couple shades of two color groups and was working through my 'to knit' list toward it, when I made the mistake of going back and reading his comments in one of his books. He suggests using "about twenty" colors in each group. FORTY colors in all. I'm pretty sure this yarn doesn't even COME in forty colors, total.

I suspect I will succumb to the temptation and order a few more shades, though. Why not?

Photos from the Kaffe Fassett web site.

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