Friday, April 14, 2006

Maybe I just need some sleep.

I went off in search of the elusive Purple Frog today. No luck. I did find an albino one (okay, it was white, in the bridal department) and considered dyeing it for ten seconds. But it's synthetic which would mean special dyes that didn't work anyway.

So I went and bought a book about knot tying. Hopefully somewhere in there will be a nice round knot so I can make a frog. The goal was to have the Kid Kimono in the mail tomorrow. It's still barely possible. (Of course I also have to fix the snag put in it by my evil cat.)

I also went to the doctor (I have a military doctor on base) today and we discussed my possible migraines, which turn out to be probable migraines. I have "classic symptoms". It's only taken me twenty, thirty years to figure out it's not sinus. This is one I'm not blaming on the doctors, either. I never told them. So I can hardly blame them for not fixing it. At any rate, I've got some medication or other to try, and have been told to watch for 'triggers', in the hopes that I find out what causes them and I can just avoid it. (Among other things, foods, allergies, sleeping habits, hormone cycles, and stress can be triggers.)

They say chocolate can be a trigger. I know it's not for me, or I'd have had a headache for the last twenty years, straight.

So late this afternoon (during the Great Frog Search of 06), I head BACK to the Air Force Base to get gas, because I forgot earlier. Military bases are populated by rule-followers, which I find insanely annoying, so I stay away from them as much as possible. I can go whole months without stepping foot over there, and today I was there twice. I should have known something stupid would happen.


At the gas station, I try to fill up and there's no gas going into the tank. I click on the filler-upper-thingie and the pump just stares at me. So I'm thumping it and muttering and some rule-follower in a uniform leans around the pump to tell me to quit abusing the equipment and that they're out of regular gas. Does it SAY anywhere that they're out of regular? On about half the pumps. Mine is one without a sign. Right. So I left, having purchased TWENTY NINE CENTS worth of gas.

I think I found my migraine trigger.

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liss76 said...

Found your blog through (I think) punk knitters on LJ.. though I may be misremembering.

I, too, have migraines. I was fortunate that as long as I was pregnant or nursing they didn't bother me, but they are starting to come back.

Tanacet ( has done wonders for me. I was suffering between 4 and 8 migraines a month when I started taking it. It dropped to 1 or 2 a month that I could manage by identifying and trying to avoid my triggers.

Good luck. Migraines are nasty stuff.