Friday, April 21, 2006

Shoulders! And yarn!

And I was hoping side seams, but I sewed one, and didn't like it, and ripped it back out again. NO, I DID NOT CRY. Sheesh. You people. I did sew the shoulders, in a needlessly complicated adaptation of backstitching. Yes, I tried backstitching about five times, and it didn't work, so when I did this complicated loopy thing, it turned out fine. There is some sad commentary about my personality in there, somewhere. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what it is. Anyway. The Tax Sweater has shoulders. I'm trying to ignore that big jog the neckline makes at the seam (upper left in the photo). I SHOULD be able to minimize the disaster when I pick up stitches and put in a facing. It's so annoying when you design your own stuff, there's no one to blame for this kind of thing.

But the good news is, I'm working on the Tax sweater. (Does anyone else feel guilty when they ignore a half-done project, like you've left it all alone and it's feeling depressed and neglected and it's all your fault? No... no... I don't either.)

I also got yarn in the mail today. You can't tell the brown is marled very well, but it is. This is going to get knit into a very run-of-the-mill 1x1 rib scarf. There's some blue on backorder that's going the same way as the brown. Nice zombie knitting to balance out any crazy projects I start. And it's Christmas presents. I might get them done on time this year.

Speaking of insane, here is the pile of yarn I've accumulated (over the last couple months... ordered a little here, a little there) to knit the Fasset project in May. According to his suggestions, I'm about 28 colors short, but this looks FINE to me. I may be throwing in another shade of pink (depending on if I mooch it off my mother-in-law), but this is about it. The green will be the background and everything else will be foreground.

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