Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year in review.

Well. It was a heck of a year, here at House o Samurai. We knew going into it that it was going to suck. (I recall mentioning it, sometime during last year's holiday season.) I'm trying to view the year in the "what I survived" context, rather than the "holy cow that sucked".

First off, last year, I went on vactation to Florida with the in-laws. It really wasn't much of a vacation for me, more like boot camp, because I was in charge of the Goob.

I cleaned a silk oriental rug without killing it. Which was good because it had needed cleaned for years.

I set forth determined to finish a lot of projects I've got floating around here. Never finished any that I can think of off hand, but I threw out quite a few in the Great Carpet Beetle Purge of 2009.

We did Sock Roulette. Brace yourselves, because we're doing it again this year, in February.

The husbeast rebuilt an engine for his toy truck, and the Goober helped.

I ordered three pounds (or more? I try not to remember) from Bendigo Woolen Mills. Now to knit it up... It was way too easy. I'm considering more for another sweater.

I got into spinning in a big way.

The Goob was cute. But we knew that.

We moved from South Carolina to Ohio.

And again from Ohio to Pennsylvania.

I spun an entire pound of Purple Trainwreck fiber. It was quite a marathon, but educational.

I spent a couple months living in my home town, and it was less painful than I expected.

Took a spinning class.

My dad died.

Bill Cosby does a whole routine about "Never Challenge Worse" - how you should never say it can't get worse, because inevitably, it WILL - but I'm gonna do it. I can't see how the coming year can be worse than the last. Even if we do have one last move to go. (We're looking for a house. That's when I get all my stuff back from storage in South Carolina.)

Well. This was certainly gloomy enough.

Here's to a better year in 2010. For all of us.


Nalamienea said...

I think you're entitled to gloomy on just this one post. ;)

Here's to a better year - 2010!

Louiz said...

you did mention something about how this year was going to suck big time. Lets all hope 2010 is much better.

NeedleTart said...

Just sayin. February. Sock Roulette. Knitting Olympics. Hmmm.

Roxie said...

It was a rough year, with some hellacious challenges, and you came through with your usual flying colors (Your batallion flag might be purple, green and fuschia, with the motto, "Fuck 'em all!" over an evilly grinning spinning wheel armed with a machine gun and knitting needles, trampling half-assed medicos and knitwear designers beneath its treadles. The flag would, of course, be edged with brass balls.)

Emily said...

I like Roxie's flag for you. Perfect.

Things can always get worse, but things can get better at the exact same time, strangely enough. Did not the Goober grow in strength & cuteness this past year? Looking forward to more Goob-news in 2010!

Galad said...

You really need Roxie's flag as your banner for the coming year :-)

Glad you survived and can move on to a better year in 2010.

Tala said...

Here's wishing you and your family a 2010 that rocks so hard it makes even 2009 seem not so bad (not to downplay the suckiness, of course.) I second the idea of Roxie's battle flag - I can just see it! For my 2010, I wish to be just a little bit like you...

Yarnspider said...

Not a gloomy post, v. objective I feel. 2010 is going to be much better for us all - promise!

May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Happy New Year.

Amy Lane said...

I have great faith that this next year shall be not only 'not worse'-- it shall be (wait for it!) BORING. Everyone wants a boring year--more Goober, less angst, more funny anecdotes from your day, less "my heart and central nervous system have been fucking ripped out of my spine with a side trip through my spleen, liver, lungs and kidney."

And fuck. I STILL haven't knitted up my sock roulette sock, and, dammit, I was the dumb bitch who thought it up!

laurel said...

I just started reading your blog and you've really made me laugh (God knows we could always do to laugh more). Hopefully, 2010 will not do so much sucking.

And damnations for I have yet to knit me a sock so I could not participate in Sock Roulette due to inexperience (unless someone wants a horrible and poorly made lumpish sock like tube...) I'll get on it for next year mebbe. Sounds like fun though. In an evil way.