Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shit day.

Yesterday Amy Lane mentioned knitting me a new nervous system on her blog. (That would be so totally cool.) And she also mentioned I'm not a whiner. Which was good news to read yesterday, because I sure feel like it. Right now we're fucking with my medication (I was getting open sores on my skin from the anti-inflammatory) and I have to try this new anti-inflammatory for a month before we're sure it doesn't work and we fuck with it some more.

So right now all the muscle pain I'm having is either the new anti-inflammatory not working, or too much spinning. Or fybromyalgia. Or muscular dystrophy. Or a brain tumor. Wait. No. Brain tumors are the migraines. Never mind.

Shit day. Oh well. Fuck it.


The crafting is going well because I use it as a distraction when I don't feel good. I'm working on That Spinning Project:

It doesn't look like much now, but you'll love it when it's done. Really. Even if you don't like green.

I'm still knitting on the sock. Deciding how long I want the leg at this point; the yardage may decide for me. This sock is getting knit off the shorter of the two skeins, so yardage may decide length. This toe-up thing is pretty clever, isn't it?

I'm reasonably sure the sock will fit. Kind of loosely, but I like that.

Last, I've listed the Berry Picking over at my Etsy shop, here.

Part of me wants to keep it, but I've already got three other piles of hand spun that I'm not knitting up, sitting in The Pit. Sometimes you just need to let your creations go.

I think I'm gonna quit trying not to whine and go draft some green wool now. And plot knitting projects I may never do. It's good to dream.


Amy Lane said...

Sorry about the shittiness of the day--but I'm in color-slut heaven looking at the wool-- the green is a favorite of mine, but I have to say that berry-picking just totally curls my toes. SO pretty. Like you said, our hobbies ease our pain... all I can think about is touching it... (but I'm knitting with some saturated pastel silk/merino one-ply right now, and it's giving me what I need.)

And you're still not whining. Believe me. I see whining every day. You are COPING--big difference.

Alwen said...

Ah, modern medicine. So much fun.

It's not easy to tell from my knitting, but I love greens. I just get distracted - Purple! Blue! Shiny!

NeedleTart said...

Rats! I was at school today and someone already bought the yarn. Double rats!
Sorry about the f$#@ing day. At school (on Friday ) we broke into the secretary's desk and stole all her chocolate. If I ate some for you would that help?

amy said...

Right now mostly my "knitting" consists of dreaming. It IS good to dream.

Rose Red said...

I LOVE the green yarn already. Great colours.

And the yellow is knitting up fantastically. Toe up is great, isn't it.

Donna Lee said...

I think the green looks great already. And there's nothing wrong with whining once in a while. It can feel really good. Sorry about the anti-inflamatories. It's a pain in the ass to have to keep playing around with the meds.

Galad said...

Unfortunately you are experiencing the "practice" of medicine. Hopefully one of these days they will get it right!

Roxie said...

If the prisoners in Guantanamo went through the stuff you are suffering, The entire world - even the North Koreans, would call it cruel and extreme torture. You AIN'T whining. You're just keeping us up to date.

With the green yarn - are you going to knit a leprechaun?